H4 Visa Tips – Get Everything Right

The H4 visa is issued to the dependent family members of H1 visa holders who would like to accompany the H1B visa holder in the United States during the period of their stay. In such a case the principal applicant is always the H1B visa holder. Immediate family members like spouse and children under 21 yrs can qualify for this visa and can apply at the US Consulate in their home country.
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If you are applying for your visa along with your spouse, who is applying for H1 simultaneously, then you can submit both of your applications together.

As an H-4 visa holder, you can:

  • Get a driver’s license
  • Work in the US
  • Pursue education
  • Open bank account(s)
  • Become eligible for an ITIN (Tax ID for IRS Tax purposes)

For more information about working in the US on H4 visa status, learn about the H4 EAD.

Make no mistake in filling out the visa application and understanding the legalities related to the H4 visa. Here are some useful tips for the H4 visa applicants.

H4 Visa Tips


  • While providing the information to take visa interview and filing online application form visa applicants clearly state your Last Name and Given Name. If your maiden name is different from your name after marriage, please write the name on your passport. In case you have gotten your name changed, your passport must reflect this. Often there is a lot of confusion caused by name changes after marriage.
  • Also please check if the passport issuing authorities have written your name correctly. Common errors are: writing the name in the Last name field, writing Last name instead of Given Name and vice versa. Applicants should check their passport and if the whole name is given in one line, they should get the same changed from passport office before applying for a visa.) In the nutshell, make sure your name is correctly filled out.
  • It is advisable to get your spouse’s name endorsed on your passport beforehand.
  • If after marriage your last name has changed, then it’s better to endorse the change in your passport beforehand. Otherwise you will have to continue your maiden name in the U.S. Your maiden name will be used in your identification card and driver’s license in the U.S.

Wedding Album

You have to show sufficient evidence that you are married to the principal applicant

  • Please make sure that you carry a fairly descriptive wedding album.
  • This means that your album must have many wedding pictures.
  • You and your groom must be clearly visible in the pictures.
  • All the snaps must be very clear and it should be easy to identify the bride and the bridegroom.
  • It is better to include photographs showing some marriage rituals such as photographs around the Agni ceremony (if your marriage is Hindu marriage), engagement ceremony, photos of your families, etc.

Check your visa

Upon receiving your visa, please check for any errors in typing of:

  • Your name
  • Your spouse’s name
  • Date of birth
  • Type of visa
  • Validity date

The key to getting the H4 visa is doing the right thing at the right time and at the right place. Complete your H4 visa paperwork, understand the process, and be proactive during the application period.


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