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What are the Transcripts?

If you are a foreign student seeking admission in college or universities in USA, most of the colleges will ask for transcripts of your previous education.

Transcripts are nothing but official statement of your marks, along with descriptions of your syllabus of each subject you have studied.

A transcript typically consists of the following:

  • A covering letter stating the information on college and the grade system followed in the university.
  • Consolidated mark card, with a listing of marks/points in each semesters/year for every subject.
  • Photocopy of Statement of your marks (the mark sheet) of the semesters you have attended.

These documents must be Certified by your university and should be in English. They need to be attested by the principal of your college/school with an official college stamp/seal. The envelope should be pasted and sealed with a college/university stamp on it too. This envelope should be opened only by the college you want to get the admission in.

Where to get it from?

Transcript can be requested and issued from your university/college in India.

How to get it?

Inquire with your college/university for transcripts procedure. Few colleges/universities may not be aware of this term, hence you might have to give them the details of your requirements and try to get the documents as mentioned here on top.

Do we need to get the detailed syllabus for our previous education?

Some of the colleges in USA do ask for a detailed syllabus description of all the courses you have taken outside USA. This again is required to be certified by your Indian university. So get a copy of the syllabus, get it attested and sealed by the university.

What else do we need?

You also will be required to submit a copy of each of your certificate/diploma/degree along with a copy of your scores. Most of the colleges don’t ask to submit the originals, but would certainly ask to see them before accepting their xerox copies.

How much will it cost to get a transcript from India?

It totally depends on your college, they might charge some fee or might do it free of cost.


Always get some extra copies of the transcripts when ordering them from India.


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