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USCIS requires applicants to submit applicable fees along with immigration forms for their desired service. Depending on the service you are applying for, there are specific forms that you need to file along with specific fee amounts.

How to Submit the Forms

All forms for your specific immigration benefits request will be available online on the USCIS website. Search for your forms and instructions how to file based on your specific immigration benefits request.

How to Pay USCIS Fees

For all forms submitted online, fees can be paid online during your application process using a credit card or directly through your checking or savings account.

For paper-based applications, a check can be submitted made payable to USCIS. Instructions for paying your USCIS fees can also be found on the information page for your specific application purpose.

Fee for Biometrics

Certain immigration services may require Fingerprinting and Biometrics to be performed and completed, and a separate fee of $85 for biometrics must be paid in addition to the service fee for biometrics.

See complete details of various USCIS forms and associated services fee.

USCIS Fee Waiver Guidance

If an applicant is unable to make the fee payment due to eligible situations, your fees may be waived. You must file a fee waiver. See complete details about USCIS fee waiver guidelines.



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