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When I have a problem with my immigration case, who can I contact?

Generally, you can contact the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 1-800-375-5283 to report issues with your case, for example, that your case is outside the normal processing time. However you must be the petitioner, the applicant or the attorney on the case to make the call. Before calling the NCSC, you should have such information available as your receipt number, alien registration number, type of application filed, and date filed, etc. Be prepared to take notes and write down the service request referral number.

What kind of inquires will USCIS Service Center be able to assist?

Mostly simple case issues such as non-receipt of receipt notice, RFE letters, and case beyond processing time. NCSC will not be able to resolve more complex case issues.

I called NCSC more than 30 days ago but the issue has not been resolved. What can I do?

You can email the proper USCIS Service Center to check the status of your case:

I still haven’t received a response after 21 days. Do I have other ways to contact the USCIS?

You may email the USCIS Headquarters Office of Service Center Operations by email at: [email protected]. You will receive a response from this email address within ten days.

How effective is USCIS service request?

NCSC does a good job of resolving simple requests or case issues. For other more complex issues, it would be better to consult with immigration professionals or seek other venues.

Can I go to my local CIS office to file a service request?

You may go to the local USCIS office to resolve some specific issues such as obtaining an Interim EAD card or an emergency advance parole document by scheduling an Infopass appointment. Your local USICS will not be able to resolve complex case issues.



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