Invitation Letter for US Visa for Tourists & Visitors

When applying for a US Visitor or Tourist Visa, you will be required to provide an invitation letter from your sponsor in the United States as a supporting document for your request.
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The following is a sample of an invitation letter that will be required when applying for a US visitor visa or tourist visa. This letter should be provided by the sponsor of the US visa to the visa applicant. The sponsor should provide this letter to invite parents, relatives or any other guest to the USA. Parents applying for tourist visa to visit their child in the USA can carry this letter when going for their visa interview. This letter can be helpful as a supporting document during the visa interview.

The letter below is for reference only. Make changes to this as per your applicable situation.

You can also download the MS-Word format of this Sample Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa.


[Sponsor’s name]
[Full address]
Phone Numbers:
(Work): [(xxx) xxx-xxxx]
(Home): [(xxx) xxx-xxxx]
Email: [email address]


[Visitor’s name]
[Visitor’s Address]

Dear [Visitors],

I invite you to visit us and spend your vacation in USA with us. We have plan to visit famous tourist places like [name of tourist places to visit]. It will also be an opportunity for you to see and experience the American culture and lifestyle.

I will be taking care of your entire USA tour expenses, including the round trip air fare food, housing, medical insurance and all your other personal expenses.

Herewith I am sending all the required documents . for getting the necessary tourist visa from the US Consulate, [Name of US Consulate, e.g. Mumbai Consulate]


[Sponsor’s signature]

[Sponsor’s name]


This sample is provided for your convenience and reference purpose only.


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