USA Visa For Medical Treatment

A person seeking medical treatment in America can apply for USA Visitor Visa(B2 Visa) for medical treatment purpose. The requirement for this is same as for Visitor Visa. Please refer details on the requirements visitor visa requirements. However, it is important that you show that this treatment is medically necessary and unavailable in your home country.
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It is also necessary to prove that you can meet all expenses of stay in the U.S. during the duration of your treatment and afford to pay for the entire cost the related of U.S. healthcare.

In addition to these, you should be able to prove to the consular officer that you need this medical care from the U.S. and will leave as soon as the medical treatment is received.

The following proof of documents must be produced:

  • A valid copy of the passport with sufficient time on it
  • A valid statement/letter from your home doctor or institution concerning proposed medical treatment, and how this is not available in your own home country
  • A valid document showing the temporary nature of your stay in the U.S. and documents showing permanent ties to your home country.
  • Written confirmation from the medical facility that arrangements have been completed for treatment and where and from whom treatment will be received;
  • An estimate in writing from the facility or physician of how much the proposed treatment is likely to cost;
  • If pregnant, and you are seeking medical care in connection with that pregnancy, you need proof that your primary reason for travel is not to give birth in the United States. And that you will return once the doctor prescribed treatment is received;
  • Proof that financial arrangements for payment of estimated expenses have been made;
  • A physician’s statement estimating the length of time required for the treatment

Medical Expenses In The United States

It is a known fact the medical costs int he U.S. are exorbitant. However, despite this knowledge, many travelers to the U.S. are not prepared to face the final bill

USA Visa For Medical Treatment

Before applying for a B2 visitor visa for the purposes of receiving medical care in the U.S. there are two things that you should keep in mind:

  • Getting travel medical or visitors insurance and
  • Gathering your financials to ensure you can pay for the said treatment and stay in the U.S.

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As a B2 visitor visa holder, you are not eligible to access the U.S. welfare or public assistance programs in any form. According to the law, people who are likely to become a “public charge” are not eligible for a B2 visa.

If You Are Unable To Pay For Your Medical Treatment In The U.S. On A Visitor Visa

As part of applying for your B2 visitor visa for a medical treatment you have to provide bank statements or other financial records showing your ability to pay for your medical costs, as well as for your expenses during your stay in the U.S. This includes but not limited to expenses related to housing, food, and transportation. However, if you do not have enough money for this, you have the option of having a relative or friend residing in the U.S. to sponsor you and agree to make the required payments. This is done by using Form I-134, Affidavit of Support. This sponsoring relative or friend will have to provide detailed information to show the ability to pay for all your expenses.

Documents Required For Form I-134, Affidavit of Support

  • Statements on his current employment,
  • Income Statements,
  • bank accounts,
  • Other personal property to show that he or she has enough resources to cover your expenses during your trip to the United States.

Alert Form I-134 is a legal contract between the person signing the form and the U.S. government promising to make all required payments. But providing Form I-134 to show sponsorship of your trip is not a guarantee approval of your visitor visa application. This is especially true if the costs of your medical treatment are too high.

Your chances of getting a visa approved are highest if the person guaranteeing to pay for your costs is a close relative such as a parent, spouse, or child.

Reasons You May Not Get Approved

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) maintains a list of diseases that deem you inadmissible into the U.S.. These would be considered to be of “public health significance” for the purposes of immigration.

Individuals suffering certain afflictions, e.g. contagious diseases, may be ineligible to receive visas according to the United States Immigration and Nationality Act.

These include cholera, diphtheria, smallpox, and yellow fever. Person may apply but approval is not assured.

Communicable diseases include sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea and bacterial diseases such as tuberculosis and leprosy that may not pass the approval of the U.S. immigration for entry into he U.S.



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