A person seeking medical treatment in America can apply for USA Visitor Visa(B2 Visa) for medical treatment purpose. The requirement for this is same as for Visitor Visa. Please refer details on the requirements visitor visa requirements

In addition to these following must be produced:

  • A valid statement/letter from a doctor or institution concerning proposed medical treatment
  • Written confirmation from the medical facility that arrangements have been completed for treatment and where and from whom treatment will be received;
  • An estimate in writing from the facility or physician of how much the proposed treatment is likely to cost;
  • Proof that financial arrangements for payment of estimated expenses have been made;
  • A physician's statement estimating the length of time required for the treatment

It is important to note that individuals suffering certain afflictions, e.g. contagious diseases, may ineligible according to the United States Immigration and Nationality Act to receive visas. Person may apply but approval is not assured.