August 2022 Visa Bulletin Results & Analysis

Posted on July 08, 2022

The August 2022 Visa Bulletin has been released, so let’s dive in and see what priority dates have advanced or regressed for the upcoming month. 

An overall review of the August 2022 Visa Bulletin shows little to no movement for most categories, and even a large regression in the family-based category. While many green card applicants are not expecting huge jumps at this point in time, it still comes as a disappointment overall to most. 

August 2022 Visa Bulletin Results

Below are the results from the August 2022 USCIS Visa Bulletin: 


Final Action Dates

Dates for Filing Applications


Final Action Dates

Dates for Filing Applications

August 2022 Visa Bulletin Analysis

In our August 2022 Visa Bulletin Predictions article, we stated that we didn’t foresee much movement for any category for this upcoming bulletin month. That turned out to be true, as most categories only moved by a month or so at the most. 

One surprising change is for the final action date for F2A for Mexico, which changed from current to April 22, 2019, resulting in a regression of over 3 years. This was the only change in final action date observed for all categories within the family-based green cards. For the date for filing applications in the family-based section, there were quite a few advancements including a 3 month increase to India, China, and ROW’s F2B category. 

For employment-based green cards, only slight movement is observed. India’s EB2 final action date did not move, which is a bit surprising. It has been moving steadily each month, and this begs the question whether or not it will regress in the near future (we hope not). However, the much awaited movement from EB3 for the final action date is finally here – but only by 1 month, bringing the priority date for this category to February 15, 2012. India EB3’s date for filing application also increased by just 1 month, while EB2’s stayed completely stagnant. 

How to Read the USCIS Visa Bulletin

September 2022 Visa Bulletin Analysis

In light of the very minimal movement in the US Visa Bulletin August 2022, what can we expect for next month’s release? With no change in India EB2, the future doesn’t look as bright as we were hoping. We will continue to monitor green card statistics, but at this point in time, there could very well be a regression in September for India EB2. For India EB3, we estimate that we will see another small movement ahead, probably by just a month. 

Back in April of 2022, the USCIS announced that it had plans to implement processes that would allow for faster processing of visa processing to address the major backlog we currently have in the U.S. However, it doesn’t seem that these promises have made much of a difference in terms of green card application movement. Hopefully, we will see faster processing times as the fiscal year moves forward. 

To discuss the Visa Bulletin August 2022 results with other green card applicants awaiting their priority dates, check out our sister site’s forum on Also, check out our previous July 2022 Via Bulletin Results & Analysis for more insight on our predictions for FY 2022. Be sure to also check back in a few weeks for our September 2022 Visa Bulletin predictions.

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