February 2024 Visa Bulletin Predictions

The January 2024 Visa Bulletin saw huge shifts in dates from the December 2023 Visa Bulletin across multiple visa categories. Luckily, there was little to no regression. The Bulletin also brought renewals of the Certain Religious Workers Category after it was said to be unavailable in the December 2023 Visa Bulletin.

Since the January 2024 Visa Bulletin brought on so many changes, we expect the February 2024 Visa Bulletin will bring very few changes. Keep an eye out for the February 2024 Visa Bulletin, as we expect the it to be released within the coming days.

The demand for both family-based and employment-based visas remains high, regardless of the actions made in January’s Bulletin to accommodate that demand. We do, unfortunately, predict a stagnancy in the priority dates for the upcoming announcement. There is a possibility that the USCIS will issue a few retrogresses in some categories in the February 2024 Visa Bulletin after weighing the results of January 2024’s processing.

Let’s take a look at what we can expect to see in the upcoming February 2024 Visa Bulletin.

February 2024 Visa Bulletin Predictions

In our initial February 2024 predictions, featured in our January 2024 Visa Bulletin Results and Analysis, we predicted little to no key changes in categories, especially those that saw large shifts in the January 2024 Bulletin. This includes India EB1, China F2A, Philippines F2B, and more.

The significant movement in dates was a result of the USCIS accounting for their rollover from 2023 and accommodating the increasing demand across visa categories for the new year. As they work through their backlog and increase processing, the likelihood of more movement in dates is not very high.

As the new year brings a better understanding of the necessary steps that the USCIS must take to make processing run as smoothly as possible, there is a strong possibility that the February 2024 Bulletin will bring a retrogression in many of the categories that saw large, positive shifts in January. Otherwise, we don’t expect to see any significant advancement in priority dates in the January 2024 Visa Bulletin.

February 2024 Visa Bulletin Release Date

Based on recent trends, we expect the February 2024 Visa Bulletin to be released on January 8, 2023, or the following week around January 12, 2023.

Check back as soon as the bulletin is released for our complete breakdown of priority date changes and updates.

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