InfoPass, Self-Scheduled Appointments at USCIS to be Replaced with InfoMod

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have rolled out a new support service initiative called the Information Services Modernization Program (InfoMod). This is in lieu of the InfoPass which is the only portal that allows one to self-schedule appointments so far. All field offices will have the InfoPass replaced with InfoMod between February and September 2019. With an aim to reallocate resources (USCIS) and immigration officers towards services that actually require personal exchange of information, InfoMod will now direct all help queries to online portals like the USCIS website and USCIS Contact Centers.

USCIS Eliminating Self-Scheduled Appointments?

Ever since USCIS has enhanced their online services to have a major chunk of information accessible to its users, there is little reason to call InfoPass to make personal appointments. The USCIS Contact Center, previously called the National Customer Service Center and the USCIS website has a lot of information now that acts as a self-help medium. So that USCIS field officers can direct their energies to adjudicate cases that need in-person assistances like issuing emergency documents, providing ADIT stamps and interviewing individuals, The InfoPass will be grandfathered out in all field offices by September 2019 to be replaced by the new InfoMod which will redirect all relevant queries to the USCIS website or Contact Center as per needs. In addition, signing up with myUSCIS also supports information on general immigration services and benefits on specific cases.

What is myUSCIS?

  • It is an online public portal with resources on immigration benefits.
  • Applications to be Naturalized as a US citizen and green cars renewals can be filed through myUSCIS.
  • Registrants can get personalized case status information including application notices and Request for Evidence (RFEs) through this portal.
  • You can now respond to RFEs through myUSCIS.
  • Applicants can also receive automated case status updates whenever USCIS takes some form of action on their case.
  • Having a secure online account with myUSCIS also sends out emails alerts as another avenue of keeping in touch with their users.
  • Lastly, the user will be kept up-to-date every two-weeks even if there is no change in their cases.

How Can an Applicant Still Make an In-Person Appointment at USCIS?

Should there be a need for an in-person appointment at a local field office afterall, a call to the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283 will get him an appointment time in under 48 hours. The only criterion being that the legal representative who has a signed Form G-28, Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney be present at the time of making the appointment.

The change from InfoPass to InfoMod is a positive move and should see better use of resources that will end us serving the needs of immigrants more efficiently and quickly at the convenience of a button.

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