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'Future is unpredictable and rather, uncertain'. To understand the need for health care insurance it is important to know when health care needs arise and how you can benefit by having a good insurance coverage. Here are a few examples of health care needs:
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  • When you or your enrolled family members are in an accident and need medical assistance,
  • When you or your enrolled family members need emergency care on account of a serious or unexpected illness,
  • When you or your enrolled family members need non-emergency hospital services like visiting a physician, eye doctor, or a dentist.
  • When you or your enrolled family members need medical treatment for an existing medical condition, or other health problems.

Health Care Needs

Health insurance gives you a chance to be a part of an informed purchasing program where you can safeguard yourself against all unpredictable and predictable health care needs.

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Tips for buying health insurance

You must be cautious while shopping for health care insurance. Essentially you should know

  • What does your health insurance plan cover you for?
  • What is not covered in your health insurance plan?

If you have a specific medical condition you must know if you are covered for it. Some of the specialty practices are:

  • Muscle treatments (Orthopedic Surgery )
  • Cardiology (heart diseases)
  • Ear, Nose & throat (ENT)
  • Dermatology (skin disease)
  • Oncology (cancer treatments)
  • Gastroenterology (digestive tract diseases)
  • Podiatry (foot treatments)
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology (women’s health & pregnancy)
  • Fertility Specialists
  • Endocrinology (gland disease)

Details in your insurance kit

While the actual insurance coverage may differ for each individual, your insurance kit should include details on

  • your health care benefits,
  • policies and procedures of getting health care assistance and insurance coverage,
  • what is covered and what is not covered,
  • any limits to the insurance coverage,
  • costs that you have to pay (copayment, etc) and billing
  • access to emergency care, urgent care, and admission to a hospital,
  • access to non-emergency care and hospital services,
  • customer service

Remember that…

You should always carry your health insurance card (ID) with you. If you are in an accident or need emergency services, your insurance card will be used to get medical help. Your ID card will have information about your primary care doctor (if you have the HMO plan) or a toll free customer service phone number (if you have the PPO plan). Overall you should be careful while purchasing health insurance and get the right plan for your medical needs and wellness goals. Getting health insurance is no longer an option in United States. It is mandatory to have health insurance and as a law abiding citizen you must be covered for all predictable and unpredictable health care needs.

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