Pets and Rent Payment Policies

Every housing community has its own pet policy and rules for payment of monthly rent. Usually the common pet policies are:
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  • Pets –welcome policy
  • No pets allowed
  • Cats only
  • Dogs only
  • Cats & Dogs OK

Finding a pet friendly rental is an easy task. Search for rental listings online or in newspapers. Make sure that the properties allow pets. Check the pet policy of each property. If there is no written pet policy look for a pet rider and make this an addendum to your rental agreement.

  • Please check the rules and regulations for pets in your housing community. For example, it is always important to keep your dogs leashed outside your house.
  • You may be required to pay a non-refundable pet fee or a refundable pet deposit. While the rules vary, you may be asked to pay a monthly pet fee as well.
  • It is always good to be a responsible pet owner. Make sure that you do not disturb neighbors with smell and sound issues. Also ensure that your pet behaves well in the presence of children and other pets.
  • Neighbors usually complain that pets poop and pee in public areas like walkways, gardens, etc. Please clean the area if your pet has made a mess in public areas and learn how to potty train your pet.
  • Study the leash law and pet trespassing law in your state. As a rule do not allow your pet to wander off to a neighbor’s property.

It is important to be a responsible pet owner. Many rental properties reserve the right to evict a tenant if his pet is creating a nuisance in the neighborhood.

Payment of monthly rent

As a resident, you are expected to pay fixed monthly rental for the unit you rent. Study the leasing terms and make the payments promptly. Usually you will be required to pay the rent online or by check.

  • Some communities set up a check drop box so that you can drop off the check any time. Usually the box is accessible 24 hours a day as well. You may be required to pay rent on the 1st of each month or pay between 1st and 5th of each month. These rules vary.
  • Late charges apply in the event of delayed payment. If you fail to make the payment within a reasonable amount of time, you will be served a notice by the leasing office.
  • You can also pay online and set up alerts to pay rent on time. Many communities charge a service fee for processing online payments while others do not. If the charge is too high, just pay by check every month.
  • If you are on vacation, ask a friend to drop off your check on time. You can also give it to someone in the leasing office. Leave a note with the check. Ask for a receipt.
  • All residents are required to get a renter’s insurance policy. The policy must be renewed regularly or until the lease expires.

Information regarding pet policy and payment of rent is available in your rental lease agreement as well. Read the agreement carefully so that you do not miss any important details. Paying rent on time and being a responsible pet owner are crucial for peaceful rental living.


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