Top 10 Tips to Buy a Used Car

Its a good to buy a used car and to save some money on the depreciation of new cars. But you need to be careful, as it is easy to be taken for a ride by a used car salesman. The advice and strategies here should work whether you buy from a private person, a dealer, from a leasing company, or if you buy rental cars being sold to the public. Please do not buy a used car in hurry. Especially when the sales man is forcing you to buy the car, please take a day or two to get all the background reports and then proceed to buy the car.
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Before buying a used car fix your budget. Don’t forget that after negotiating the final price of the car, you will need to allow some extra cash to cover tax, title and tag.

  • Check out Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds market value for the car you have decided to buy.
  • Run a CARFAX Vehicle History Report before you buy the used car to see if the car was totaled, salvaged, rebuilt, flooded, failed inspection, stolen, gross polluter, how long the dealer had the car, or if it has odometer fraud.
  • Have a mechanic put the car up on a lift for inspection and to check for accident damage.
  • Have your own financing and loan approvals ready before you go shopping, not after.
  • Avoid high mileage used cars.
  • Watch out for used car airbag fraud!
  • ” As Is/Warranties On Used Cars” Never sign an As Is paper at a used car dealer get at least a 30-90 day warranty included.
  • Buy an AAA membership this is a lifesaver in case of a breakdown.

Fasten your Seat Belts and Drive safe.


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