Upon acquiring U.S. citizenship, Indian citizens must apply for renunciation of Indian citizenship and surrender their Indian passport within 90 days of U.S. naturalization. Cancelled Indian passports must indicate Cancelled due to acquiring foreign nationality to qualify as valid proof of renunciation. Indian citizenship is not considered renounced if the Indian passport has a stamp that only reads Cancelled. In this case, naturalized citizens should apply for a renunciation certificate.

Application Process

To apply for renunciation of Indian citizenship, applicants can either submit their applications by walk-in or by postal/courier. The following application processes apply to any applicant, regardless of renunciation category.

Walk-In Applicants

Applicants who choose to submit their renunciation applications in person should follow the below steps.

  • Download application, Renunciation Certificate Form.
  • Paste photographs according to specifications wherever required.
  • Collect all required documents according to renunciation category.
  • Pay required fees according to renunciation category.
  • Book an appointment online by visiting CKGS Online Appointments and select the CKGS Application Center nearest you for your appointment.
  • Bring your application along with all of the required documents to the CKGS Application Center you on the date and time of your appointment.
  • After submission, track your application status online.

Postal/Courier Applicants

Applicants who choose to submit their renunciation applications by mail should follow the below steps.

The required renunciation documents and fees will vary depending on your Indian citizenship renunciation category, so be sure to submit the correct documentation based on your category.

Processing Time

The general processing times based on Application Center location are listed below.

If you apply for renunciation with an Indian passport, your passport will be cancelled and returned with a surrender certificate.

After receiving your surrender certificate, you must have your U.S. or foreign passport and either an OCI card or Indian visa to travel to India. You do not need your cancelled Indian passport or surrender certificate with you while traveling to India.

If applying for an OCI Card, your renunciation certificate will serve as Proof of Renunciation of Indian Citizenship.