L2 Visa Application

Spouses and children of L1 visa holders are eligible to apply for L2 visa, allowing them to enter and stay in the United States for the duration of the L1 visa holder's status. L2 visa application may be submitted with the spouse's L1 visa application if all family members are applying simultaneously.
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L2 visa holders can stay in the US for maximum 7 years if spouse has L1A visa, or maximum 5 years if spouse has L1B visa. L2 visa holders may only stay in the US as long as the L1 visa holder has valid L1 visa status. L2 dependents may work and study part-time or full-time in the US, excluding children, who may only attend school.

L2 Visa Application Process

Either the L1 visa holder or the L2 visa applicant may apply for an L2 visa at the US Embassy or Consulate in their country. The following steps outline the process of how to apply for L2 visa.

  • Begin your Form DS-160 application and upload a photo.
  • Print the DS-160 form confirmation page with the CEAC barcode on it.
  • Create your profile and follow the steps until the payment confirmation screen appears.
  • Pay visa fees using the payment options listed or at any designated branch.
  • Schedule appointments, one for a consular interview and one for OFC (biometrics). The time period for fee receipt activation varies anywhere from 3 hours to 2 days. This depends on how you made your fee payment. You may not make an appointment until you have received the fee receipt because you will be asked the bank reference number.
  • Attend interview. Arrive at your interview 15 minutes early and bring your original bank fee receipt with the two barcode stickers, interview appointment, letter, and all supporting documentation.

L2 Visa Application Documents

When applying for L2 visa, you will need to provide the following documents for your L2 visa application.

  • DS-160 form confirmation page with CEAC Barcode printout.
  • US Visa Interview appointment letter.
  • Valid passport of each applicant.
  • Photographs. See guidelines for photographs required for US visa for specific details.
  • Demand draft for visa issuance fee.
  • If the applicant is below 14 years of age, Original Birth Certificate is required.
  • Your original marriage certificate.
  • Entire wedding photo album.
  • A copy of wedding invitation card.
  • All 36 pages of the principal applicant’s (L1 holder’s) passport (if not applying with principal applicant). If a copy of the passport is submitted, it should be a good copy and the photo must be clearly identifiable.
  • Copy of spouse’s L1 approved petition, Form I-129, as well as Form I-797 in the case of a blanket petition.
  • Letter from employer that describes the relationship with the Principal Applicant and the purpose of travel.
  • Spouse’s (L1 holder’s), employment verification letter.
  • Pay stubs from principal applicant’s L1’s current place of work.
  • Copy of L1 holder’s income tax return.

Consulate may ask for additional documents (if required).

L2 Visa Application Fees

The L2 visa application fee for each applicant is $205 USD.

L2 Visa Processing Time

The processing time for L2 visa may take 15 days to 1 month.

Learn more about the US Visa Application Process.



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