Best Graduate Schools In The Top Fields In The US

While higher education is aspirational for many, getting a graduate degree from a top ranking graduate school is taking that step to the next level. Several educational fields offer similar programs but getting into the best takes some research and study of its own. We have listed the top three colleges/universities in the US for the most prominent and sought after fields of study.
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The admission deadlines for most of these fall anywhere between October and January each year. It is advised to have your application in early so as to take take advantage of the early bird time. Besides having a stellar academic record, these premier colleges look for other ways each student has enhanced his background, be it in excelling in extra-curricular activities, or having gone above and beyond just getting grades. This could be in doing research in a particular area of study, having taken part in academic competitions of acclaim or even volunteer work. The onus of enhancing one’s application and showcasing one’s talents lies on the student applying to these colleges.

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Best Business School

  • Wharton (University of Pennsylvania)
    The first business school in the US and having the largest alumni network in the country, Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania has campuses in Philadelphia and San Francisco. They offer business courses in a wide range of concentrations ranging from accounting and e-commerce to health care administration and international business. The employment rate for Wharton graduates is at a satisfying 83.60%.
  • Stanford University
    With its overall reputation, Stanford also ranks high as a business school. The Graduate School of Business at Stanford University is ranked high for consistently marking all indicators of excellence especially in Management studies, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Production and Operations.
  • Harvard University
    Business School at Harvard University is of international acclaim and students come in from around the world to receive a Master’s degree. The alumni network is one of the strongest and has long term benefits to all graduates. Moreover, students get to experience first-hand true-to-life problems through field study, immersion trips and study through exchange programs in other countries.

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Best Engineering school

  • MIT
    The School of Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most sought after institutes for engineering for both domestic and international students. Being very competitive, it is also pretty hard to get through. But once through, students have ample opportunities to prosper and succeed with the 15 courses offered, 20 research centers on campus and chances to win start-up money through various competitions.
  • Stanford University
    Stanford University shares its reputation with its School of Engineering and has a bunch of premier engineering course available. Its proximity to Silicon Valley gives it the added advantage of accessing various engineering companies and gaining both internship and employment opportunities. They have 272 full-time faculty on staff and have over 3000 full-time students enrolled annually.
  • UC Berkeley
    Offering both the two-year program as well as the accelerated Berkeley Engineering Professional Master’s program, students have a couple of options to graduate. Graduate students can complete an advanced degree in eight areas, including Industrial Engineering & Operations Research and Applied Science & Technology.

Best Medical School

  • Harvard University
    One of the oldest institutions in the world, Harvard Medical School has a reputation that precedes its age. The best in the line but having a small batch of just 712 students each year, they focus on quality and detail. Students are exposed to core scientific concepts and principal clinical experiences in the two years of study. Students study at the Boston’s Longwood Medical Area but complete clinicals at affiliated institutions throughout the city.
  • John Hopkins University
    With a large amount of research funding from the National Institutes of Health, and other organizations, John Hopkins runs leading research centers including the Brain Science Institute and the Institute of Genetic Medicine for students enrolled in its programs. Connected with the John Hopkins hospital, students have the added advantage of practicing there. Access to four different colleges the students at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine learn through the Genes to Society Curriculum, which pairs academics with concurrent clinical experience.
  • Stanford University
    Ranked No.3, the School of Medicine at Stanford University carries the overall reputation shared by the entire university. Pediatrics, anesthesiology and Operations are some of its most popular specialty departments and students make a beeline for an opportunity to study here.

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