Health Insurance Requirements for US Immigrant Visa Goes Into Effect Nov 3rd

President Trump has declared having health insurance a mandatory requirement for immigrants possessing an immigrant visa and coming to the borders of the United States of America with an intention to enter and reside in the country. If the alien immigrant is to enter the country without the approved health insurance in hand, he has to be prepared to show sufficient financial resources to cover all foreseeable medical costs or get unsubsidized health insurance within 30 days of his entrance to the country.

Who Will Need Mandatory Health Insurance Before Entering the US?

  • This new ruling only affects new immigrants who possess an immigrant visa when entering the borders of the US.
  • This covers all family-based immigrants coming as lawful permanent residents and having a US green Card.
  • Applicants coming to the US on a K1 Fiancé visa should be able to afford all medical expenses for the foreseeable future or should have bought health insurance from within the US. They are advised to talk to an immigration lawyer to get their paperwork in place to meet all mandatory requirements.
  • The need for health insurance is effective starting November 3, 2019, and will apply to every legal immigrant with an immigrant visa starting that date.
  • This applies to every legal immigrant who cannot show the ability to purchase unsubsidized commercial health insurance within 30 days of entry to the US.
  • This implies they should be able to purchase a higher grade of health insurance outside of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchanges.
  • All legal immigrants unable to show evidence of financial resources to cover all medical expenses in the foreseeable future.

Will this new health insurance requirement affect you?

If so, here are a few temporary health insurance plans recommended for new immigrants to the US

Mandatory Health Insurance for US Immigrants

What Kind of Mandatory Health Insurance is Required for Immigrants to the US?

  • The terminology used is “unsubsidized” which implies that procuring health insurance from the Affordable Care Act will not meet approvals. It has to be one that has a high deductible option.
  • For available short-term health insurance options available to you, compare health insurance plans before making decision best suited to your needs.
  • An employer-sponsored plan is acceptable.
  • Any short-term plan that provides health insurance coverage for at least 364 days.
  • A family member’s health insurance plan that can be extended to the new immigrant.
  • visitor health insurance plan that provides adequate coverage for medical care for a minimum of 364 days
  • Eligible Medicare coverage bought before or within 30 days on entering the US.

Who is Exempt from the Mandatory Health Insurance Requirement if Coming to the US?

It does not cover those entering on any temporary visa, including:

  • Employment-based H-1B visas
  • L-1 intracompany transferees
  • International students coming on F1 student visas and scholars on J1 visas
  • B1 business visa holders
  • B2 visitor’s visa holders coming for tourism purposes
  • Asylum and refugee seekers or
  • Entry for any other temporary purpose.
  • All legal immigrants who are covered by their employer when entering and visiting the US do not have to worry about fulfilling any of the above health insurance requirements.
  • Anyone who can Adjust their Status (AoS) from within the United States can do so without being bound by this new mandated provision.
  • This proclamation goes into effect on November 3, 2019. Immigrants and potential green card holders who can get their paperwork rolling before that date will not have to have the mandatory health insurance clause before getting into the system.
  • If, as a legal immigrant you are able to show sufficient financial means to cover any medical expense and show the consular officer supporting evidence, you should be able to enter the US without this requirement.

If you are a US legal immigrant looking for a suitable health insurance

Compare Different Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance for US Immigrants
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