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US Citizenship Interview Procedure

US Citizenship Interview Process

This is an important stage of your journey to become a U.S. citizen. If you have proven to be eligible so far and have fulfilled all formalities up until now, including biometrics you would be invited for an interview and a Civics test.

Based on the information you have provided coupled with a background check conducted on you, a USCIS officer determines if you are eligible to become a U.S. citizen. During the interview, you will be asked a series of questions that covers your past, work experiences, travel, knowledge of U.S. civics and U.S. history. Additionally, you are tested on your English writing and speaking skills. A general outline of these questions are available on the USCIS website.

After you have been fingerprinted, you will be informed about the date, time and place of your Citizenship interview by mail. Do not miss this interview date, if you are unable to make it at the given date/time, reschedule your interview. But rescheduling might add several months to your process of getting naturalized. So try to attend the first interview.

  • Be prepared to arrive at the specified time for the interview.
  • Bring all the required documents.
  • Answer questions on your application and background. Be clear and honest in the interview.
  • Answer the English and Civics tests.

What Documents To Bring To The U.S. Citizenship Interview

  • Appointment notice for the interview
  • Permanent resident card (Form I-551)
  • An ID issued by the state (eg. your driver’s license)
  • Valid passport
  • Documentation showing your absences from the U.S. after becoming a permanent resident
US Citizenship Interview Process

United States History (Civics) Test

Following are some sample questions that are typically orally asked at the interview to test the applicant’s Untied States knowledge:

1 What are the colors of our flag?

Red, White, and Blue.

2 How many stars are there in our flag?

50 Stars

3 What color are the stars on our flag?


4 What do the stars on the flag mean?

One for each state in the union.

5 What do the stripes on the flag mean?

They represent the original 13 states.

Sample Test For Practice:

Click here for more educational resources – source USCIS

English And Civics Tests

Your English will be tested in these areas:

Reading – you may be asked to read out loud a part of the N-400, some simple sentences or some civics questions.

Writing – you may be asked to write one or two simple sentences.

Speaking – your speaking abilities will be tested while you are answering questions about your application and your background at the interview.

Sample Reading and Writing Questions

To be eligible for naturalization, you must be able to read, write, and speak basic English. The sentences on this page are examples of the types of sentences an INS officer may ask you to read aloud or write during your interview. They are not an exhaustive list. The INS officer who interviews you may ask you to read or write other sentences.

Civic Questions

  • A Senator is elected for 6 years.
  • ________ is the Vice President of the United States.
  • All people want to be free.
  • America is the land of freedom.
  • All United States citizens have the right to vote.
  • America is the home of the brave.
  • America is the land of the free.
  • _________ is the President of the United States.
  • Citizens have the right to vote.
  • Congress is part of the American government.
  • Congress meets in Washington, D.C.
  • Congress passes laws in the United States.
  • George Washington was the first president.
  • I want to be a citizen of the United States.
  • I want to be an American citizen.

Everyday Questions

  • There are three branches of Government.
  • He came to live with his brother.
  • He has a very big dog.
  • He knows how to ride a bike.
  • He wanted to find a job.
  • He wanted to talk to his boss.
  • He went to the post office.
  • His wife is at work right now.
  • His wife worked in the house.
  • I am too busy to talk today.
  • I bought a blue car today.
  • I came to _______ (city) today for my interview.
  • I count the cars as they pass by the office.
  • I drive a blue car to work.
  • I go to work everyday.
  • I have three children.
  • I know how to speak English.

Failing the Citizenship Interview Tests

For testing your knowledge of US Civics, you will be either asked to verbally answer a set of civics questions or you could take a multiple-choice test of about 20 questions. Applicants who fail the English and/or civics examinations have the right to be re-examined within 90 days.

Those who fail a second time must start the application process all over again from the beginning.

Based on the results of the test and your interview your application for naturalization will be granted, continued or denied.

What If You Cannot Make It To the Interview?

It is very important not to miss your interview. If you have to miss your interview, you should notify the office where your interview is scheduled by mail as soon as possible. In your letter, you should ask to have your interview rescheduled. Rescheduling an interview may add several months to the naturalization process, so try not to change your original interview date.

If an emergency arises and you absolutely cannot make your appointment, call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 to request rescheduling. The NCSC will record the information, and pass it on to the local office, which will make the final decision whether to reschedule your appointment. If you miss your scheduled interview without notifying USCIS, they will “administratively close” your case. Unless you contact USCIS to schedule a new interview within 1 year after USCIS closes your case, they will deny your application.

USCIS will NOT notify you if they close your case because you missed your interview.

What Happens If USCIS Denies Your Naturalization Application?

There is an administrative review process for those who are denied naturalization. If you feel that you have been wrongly denied naturalization, you may request a hearing with an immigration officer. Your denial letter will explain how to request a hearing and will include the form you need. The form for filing an appeal is the “Request for Hearing on a Decision in Naturalization Proceedings under Section 336 of the Act” (Form N-336).

Can One Reapply For Naturalization?

In many cases, you may reapply. If you reapply, you will need to complete and resubmit a new N-400 and pay the fee again. You will also need to have your fingerprints and photographs taken again. If your application is denied, the denial letter should indicate the date you may reapply for citizenship. If you are denied because you failed the English or civics test, you may reapply for naturalization as soon as you want. You should reapply whenever you believe you have learned enough English or civics to pass the test.


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