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B2 visa for spouse accompanying the B1 visa holder

Dependents/immediate family members of B1 Visa holder may qualify and apply for a US visa to accompany the business visa (B1 visa) holder. The visa applicable for dependents can be short-term US Visitor Visa / Tourist Visa also known as B2 visa.

What is the process to get B2 visa for spouse of B1 visa holder?

The process and steps involved is the same as any other non-immigrant US visa, that requires the applicant to complete the visa application form, pay the visa fee and attend the interview. The applicant must have a valid passport.

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What are the requirements for B2 visa?

Person applying for visa must meet the basic eligibility criteria for US visa. The applicant must furnish evidence and supporting documents to prove that the person is an immediate family member of the B1 holder, has strong ties to the home country, and will return to home country after the trip.

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Supporting documents for B2 visa:

Following documents are not mandatory but can help during the visa interview.

  • Copy of B1 visa holder’s passport and Visa. (IF B1 holder already procured his/her visa)
  • Letter of invitation from B1 holder (formal letter stating that B1 visa holder person wants you to visit/accompany). Include a statement that the B1 holder will take care of the expenses for the entire trip. If a company/organization is inviting the B1 person and is taking care of the expenses for the trip for spouse and children of B1 holder, provide a written letter indicating so.
  • Letter to consulate from B1 (primary visa holder) requesting visa for spouse/children.
  • Letter from business/company of B1 visa holder to the consulate endorsing and requesting the visa for B1 holder’s family may also help.

Is the B2 visa approval guaranteed for B1 family members?

No, visa grant is subject to meet the eligibility check and satisfying criteria for the visa interview.

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