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If you hold a work visa such as H or L, you may need to get re-stamping done for the extension of your expired visa.

Re-stamping can be done at any US consulate outside of the USA. While some neighboring countries allow you to do re-stamping for foreign nationals, it is recommended to get the re-stamping done in your home country.

What is the Re-validation or Re-stamping Process?

The process of re-stamping is same as any new US visa stamping, except that there is flexibility and different documents are required. Even though it is re-stamping, the applicant needs to appear for a personal interview at the US consulate.

In India, you can make an appointment to any US consulate (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, or Kolkata). The appointment must be made through www.USTravelDocs.com/in. The consulate also has a priority/urgent appointment quota for people who are visiting India and need to do re-stamping.

See complete details about how to make a visa stamping appointment in India.

Documents Required for Re-stamping (H or L Visa)

  • Interview appointment letter
  • Original approved petition I-797
  • Valid passport. You are recommended to have passport valid for travel for at least six months beyond your date of entry into the U.S.
  • Original employment verification letter with description of your proposed duties
  • One photograph as per specification
  • You must submit application form DS-160 online, and have the confirmation receipt page
  • Valid US visa fee receipt
  • Applicant applying with a blanket (L1) petition, must pay additional fee, applicable under L visa category (see visa fee details)
  • Carry original degree certificates for interview

For Spouse/Dependent Children (Re-stamping of Dependent Visa)

  • Valid passport
  • US visa fee receipt and interview appointment letter
  • One photograph as per specification
  • Completed visa application form DS-160 and its confirmation page
  • Copy of original Notice of Action Form I-797 of the Principal Applicant (H1), if applying separately
  • Photo copy of the passport of your spouse and photocopy of the principal applicant’s valid visa, if applying separately


Visa Re-validation and H1 Status

H1 status and H1 visa stamping are two different things. H1 approval is the authorization to work in the US, and a visa stamped on your passport is authorization to enter into the USA.

An H1 visa holder can stay in the USA for a maximum up to 6 years. Then he/she needs to leave the country for at least a year, before re-entering into the US on an H1 visa again.

Most H1 authorizations (Form I-797) are issued for 3 years, so the visa stamped on your passport reflects the date close to this expiry date, unless the consulate gives you a visa for a duration less than the date on your H1 form.



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