H1B Visa Re-validation or Stamping Process

H1B Visa Re-validation or Stamping Process

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If you hold work visa like H or L, you may need to get the re-stamping done for the extension of your expired visa.

Re stamping can be done at any US consulate outside of USA. While some neighboring countries allow you to do re-stamping for foreign nationals. It is recommended to get the re-stamping done in your home country.

What is the Process

The process of re-stamping is same as any new US visa stamping, except that there is flexibility and different/min documents are required. Even though it is re-stamping, applicant needs to appear for personal interview at the US consulate.

In India, you can take appointment to any US consulate (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, or Kolkata). Appointment must be taken through www.USTravelDocs.com/in. Consulate also has priority/urgent appointment quota for people who are visiting India and need to do re-stamping.

See complete details about How to take Visa stamping appointment in India.

Documents required for re-stamping (H or L visa)

  • Interview appointment letter
  • Original approved petition I797
  • Valid passport. You are recommended to have passport valid for travel for at least six months beyond your date of entry into the U.S.
  • Original employment verification letter with description of your proposed duties
  • One photograph as per specification
  • You must submit application form DS160 online, and have the confirmation receipt page.
  • Valid US visa fee receipt
  • Applicant applying with a blanket (L1) petition, must pay additional fee, applicable under L visa category. ( See Visa fee details)
  • Carry Original degree certificates for interview.

For Spouse / Dependent Children (Re-stamping of Dependent Visa)

  • Valid Passport, US visa fee receipt and interview appointment letter, One photograph as per specification, completed Visa application form DS160 and its confirmation page
  • Copy of original Notice of Action Form I-797 of the Principal Applicant(H1)
    (if applying separately).
  • Photo copy of the passport of the spouse and photocopy of the Principal Applicants valid visa (if applying separately).


Visa Re-validation and H1 status

H1 status and H1 Visa stamping both are different things. H1 approval is the authorization to work in US, and Visa stamped on your passport is authorization to enter into USA.

H1 visa holder can stay in USA for maximum up to 6 years. Then he/ she needs to leave the country for at least a year, before re-entering into US on H1 again.

Mostly H1 authorizations (form I-797) are issued for 3 years, so the Visa stamped on your passport reflects the date close to this expiry date, unless consulate gives you a Visa for duration less than the Date on your H1 form.


HomeUS Visa & ImmigrationH1B Visa Re-validation or Stamping Process


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