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Question: How long has your son/daughter been in the US?

Answer: “My son/daughter has lived in the US for number of years.”

Question: Which visa is your son/daughter and son/daughter-in-law on?

Answer: “My son/daughter is on name/number of visa (for example H1) visa. My son/daughter-in-law is on name/number of visa, for example H4/dependent visa.” Memorize name and number of visa.

Question: Did your son/daughter study in the US? Where?

Answer: Give the true Answer, Yes or No. If yes, give details of university, etc. Be prepared with details about university, what degree they studied etc.

Question: What visa did your son/daughter enter the U.S. on?

Answer: Give the true Answer. For example, if they came on a student visa and later changed to work visa, say so. The consulate can check to confirm this Answer, so always tell the truth.

Question: Is your son/daughter married?

Answer: Give the true answer, yes or no.

Question: Does your son/daughter have any children?

Answer: Give the correct answer.

Question: Is your daughter/daughter-in-law pregnant?

Answer: “No, she is not.”

Question: Will your wife/husband accompany you on your trip?

Answer: Give the true answer. “Yes, my wife/husband will accompany me.”

Question: If only one person is traveling to the US, then they may ask: Why are you traveling alone or why isn’t your husband/wife accompanying you?

Answer: If you are a widower/widow, say so. Otherwise give the reason for your solo visit. “My husband is unable to get leave to go to the U.S.”

Question: When do you plan to travel?

Answer: “We plan to travel in name of month.”

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