US Visa Interview Questions

Following is a list of US visa interview questions and answers, specially suited for US visa interview process, compiled from our very own users' experiences. This will help you prepare for a USA visa interview. The list contains sample questions and useful tips for US visa interview at US consulate or embassy.
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Question: Why do you want to go to USA?

Answer: Tell the reason for your visit to USA, e.g. if you are going for H1B visa, you can mention “I will be working for XYZ company”. If you are applying as a dependent, you can say that you are accompanying your spouse to USA. If you are parents going to visit your children, you may answer that you are visiting your children.

Question: For how long will you be in USA?

Answer: Mention the length of your trip.

Question: Do you have any relatives in the US?

Answer: Give the true answer Yes or No.

Note: Do not give details of other relatives unless they ask first.

Question: Who will pay the expenses for your trip?

Answer: Provide the answer based on your visa type and financial situation. If it is a sponsored trip, say your sponsor will pay the expenses.

Question: Do you need interpreter ?

Question: Did you ever visit any other country ?

Question: What do you do ?

Question: Where will you stay in US ?

Depending on type of visa you are requesting, the questions can be different, see the Visa specific questions below here for more detailed question and answers:

Visa-specific interview questions:

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