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Q: Can’t you finish your visit earlier? Why do you want to stay for so long?

A: “There is a lot to see in the US and at our age we cannot do it all in a hurry. We would also like to see fall foliage towards the end of our visit (if going in the summer). If we stay for six months, we will be able to do sight seeing and spend time with our son/daughter (and son/daughter-in-law). But a shorter visa will be acceptable if you think it is appropriate.”

Knowing when an age-related illness might occur on your US trip is not easy.

Protecting yourself with visitor insurance is

Q: What is the guarantee that you will come back?

A: “I have family and property here in India, so I will definitely come back.” Give all the reasons. If you have other children and grandchildren in India, definitely mention that. If you have a job or run a business, mention it. Definitely mention if there is someone who is dependent on you in India (like younger child or old parents, etc.)

Q: When did you last see your son/daughter?

A: “We met out son/daughter when he/she/they last visited us in month and year.”

Q: When did your son/daughter last visit India?

A: “My son/daughter last visited India in month and year.”

Q: When does your son/daughter plan to visit India next?

A: “My son/daughter may visit late next year or maybe even later than that. They have no fixed plan right now.”

Q: Where do you stay in India?

A: “We stay at your address in India.”

Q: When did your son/daughter go to US?

A: “My son/daughter went to US in month and year.”

Q: What work do you do and where?

A: Give the correct answer. If you are retired, say so.

Q: What is your job profile?

A: Give job details, responsibilities etc.

Q: How much do you earn/ What is your annual income?

A: Give true answer and details. Carry financial documents to support your answers.



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