Coronavirus, a deadly virus that spread across countries has brought the world to a standstill. With 775, 344 deaths and 21,951,064 infected case recorded till date, this virus spread was declared a Pandemic and travel was strictly limited worldwide.

The United States of America closed borders and enforced travel restrictions to and from many countries abroad. While everything but essential travel is discouraged, the importance of travel insurance is made even more prominent in times like this. Without a vaccine available, the one aspect of travel during a pandemic that gives every traveler peace of mind is having a visitors insurance plan that is tailored to have your back with Covid-19.

Review: Why Cover America Gold Should Be Your First Choice In Travel Insurance To The USA

Difference Between Trip Insurance & Travel Medical Insurance

One of the two major concerns when taking a trip to the US, is protection against certain pre-paid expenses like hotels, flights and lost luggage and the travelers personal health concerns.

Should you decide to cancel your trip, a Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR)travel insurance plan will be ideal.

When it comes to traveling to the US, you need an effective visitors insurance plan that protects you from medical emergencies, healthcare needs arising from accidents or illnesses and now, most importantly, an insurance against Coronavirus!

What Are The Three (3) Best Visitor Insurance Plans For Covid-19?

Getting a visitors insurance plan for Covid-19 is not only a sensible thing to do with travel right now, but also acts as a precaution against the expenses related to Covid testing and treatment plans. The following three (3) are ranked the best visitors insurance plans for Covid-19 in the marketplace today:

  • CoverAmerica Gold

Ranked as the world's most comprehensive plan for Covid-19, Cover America Gold provides coverage for all medical expenses related to the illness. From screening to financial support during quarantine and all expenses for its treatment, Cover America Gold provides 100% coverage after deductible is met. Additionally, after December 1, 2021, anyone who is covered on Cover America Gold will have COVID coverage regardless of the length of their purchased policy period. This means the plan will cover medical expenses arising from Coronavirus provided the disease is contracted after the policy effective date.

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Cover America Gold is also one of the most popular choices among travel medical insurance plans for parents visiting the USA because of its added advantage of having coverage for an acute onset of pre-existing medical conditions. Other outstanding features include coverage of the loss of a passport, international missed flights, border entry protection and return flight to home country if the trip is cut short due to medical reasons.

CoverAmerica - Gold
Comprehensive Coverage Plan

Plan Highlights

Rated "A" Plan

100% coverage in network after deductible

Comprehensive coverage of all medical expenses related to Covid-19

No Cancellation fees

Urgent care copay $15

Coverage for emergency dental treatment and eye exams

Acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage up to policy maximum for those 69 and under, and up to $30,000 for ages 70-79

For more detailed information, please read the description of coverage for Cover America Gold.

  • Liaison Travel Plus

One of the criteria for Liaison Travel Plus plans is that the plan should be purchased and made effective before contracting the Covid virus for the plan to be applicable.

Eligible for US residents and non-US residents up to the age of 74 years who are traveling outside their home country, it is fully refundable if cancelled before effective date. One of the notable features of Liaison Travel Plus is that it pays 90% up to the policy maximum once the deductible is met and for out of network, 80% for the first $5000 and then 100% thereafter, for the eligible covered medical expense.

Knowing how unpredictable Coronavirus can be, Liaison Travel Plus gives you peace of mind as well as protects your healthcare requirements during a crisis, which makes it our third best visitor insurance for Covid-19. It not only covers Covid-19 as any other eligible medical condition but has been specifically designed to cover the particular ailment arising from the Coronavirus.

For more detailed information, please read the description of coverage for Liaison Travel Plus

Liaison Travel Plus
Comprehensive Coverage Plan

Learn More
Plan Highlights

Rated "A" Plan

Up to 90% Coverage in Network after deductible

PPO Network

Renewable & Cancellable

Medical Coverage During International Travel

Coverage for Acute Onset of Pre-existing Conditions

Atlas America
Comprehensive Coverage Plan

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Plan Highlights
Rated "A" Plan
100% Coverage
PPO Network
Renewable and Cancellable
Quarantine benefit ($50/day 10-day max)
Coverage during international travel
Acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage up to $2,000,000 for those 69 and under, and up to $100,000 for ages 70-79

Cover America-Gold, Atlas America, & Liaison Travel PlusFrequently Asked Questions For Visitors Insurance Plans For Covid-19

  • Do the above 3 visitors insurance plans for Covid-19 Atlas America insurance, Cover America-Gold & Liaison Travel Plus cover my parents who are visiting the USA?

Yes, the above visitors insurance plans cover parents against Covid-related symptoms and treatment. The plan should be bought and activated before the onset of the symptoms and the incubation period. Age eligibility can be ascertained under each individual plan.

Guide: How To Choose A Covid-19 Travel Insurance Plan

  • I already bought one of these plans before Covid was declared a pandemic Am I still covered for coronavirus-related conditions?

Existing policy holders of any of the above 3 visitors insurance plans may be covered for Covid treatment if you had the symptoms and condition after the policy was activated. However, each policy has different rules and you are advised to review the policy documents to confirm details.

  • My parents are already in the US and need to get treatment for coronavirus can I still buy a visitors insurance that covers treatment and testing?

No illness that existed before the purchase of the policy will be covered by the insurance plan. This includes Covid-19. However, while this may not cover someone already exposed to the virus, you can purchase it for yourself as a precaution provided you haven't already caught it.

  • My visitors insurance policy is expiring can I renew it?

Yes, you can renew all the plans. As long as there is no lapse in coverage between renewals, you will continue receiving coverage for coronavirus treatment. You are advised to talk to a licensed insurance professional to ensure continuous coverage.

Talk To A licensed Insurance Professional To Clear Your Doubts

  • Can I use my own travel medical insurance apart from these three recommended to cover for coronavirus?

While these 3 -Atlas America insurance, Cover America-Gold & Liaison Travel Plus provide comprehensive coverage for Covid-19 your regular domestic health insurance will most likely not cover you for international travel that covers Covid-19. Since most policy plans have changed or limited their coverage in light of the pandemic, purchasing one of these three gives you peace of mind.

Traveling To The US During The Pandemic?

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