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Among the millions of people who travel to the United States every year are many parents visiting from India and desire to stay with their children who are living and working in the U.S. In fact, parents comprise a significant percentage of those traveling from countries like India to the U.S., and these parents may visit their children for a few weeks to several months. Parents visiting from India are diligent about planning their trip to the US in detail and ensuring that all the T's are crossed and I's are dotted.
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However, while those living in the U.S. are well aware of the complexity and high cost of health care, those visiting from other countries may not always realize that it is so expensive and that medical care in America is not free. CoverAmerica – Gold, an exclusive travel medical insurance policy designed to provide comprehensive coverage for international travelers to the U.S., is a great plan for elderly travelers, especially those coming from the Indian sub-continent. For more information on this unique plan, visit CoverAmerica – Gold Insurance.

To learn more about Travel Insurance for Parents visiting from India, Visit Best Travel Insurance for Parents Traveling from India to US

Today, a critical consideration is the Covid-19 virus. Global travel all around is contingent upon how the pandemic is faring in different parts of the world. Under such circumstances, travel insurance is an important consideration when planning a trip. It is even more important when older parents are traveling given their age and vulnerability to the virus.

Have you considered Covid insurance for your parents?

Whether your parents are traveling during the pandemic or post pandemic, the Covid-19 virus is here to stay. It is important that you ensure your parents’ safety during such times. Visitor insurance is a sure shot way of ensuring that your parents are protected. The type of travel insurance that can protect your parents is Travel Medical Insurance For Covid-19.

Top Reasons Why Visitors Insurance is a Must for Parents

When parents visit the U.S., it is essential for them to have visitors insurance. Visitors insurance is critical for all travelers visiting the U.S. – including senior parents – for these reasons:

  • Your parents deserve to have high-quality medical care.
  • The U.S. healthcare system is very expensive – a single trip to the hospital can bankrupt most families. In the scheme of things, visitors insurance is relatively inexpensive when compared to the risk of having a medical problem while visiting the U.S.
  • Coronavirus has impacted millions of lives across the world. Make sure the medical insurance policy you are considering covers Covid-19 benefits
  • Simple accidents happen all the time – especially when unfamiliar with the surroundings – and a trip to the emergency room can mean thousands of dollars. The U.S. healthcare system requires payment for services and without an insurance plan, you will have to pay for medical treatment out of your pocket.
  • If you have to be evacuated back to your home country for medical treatment, your insurance provider will coordinate and pay for the evacuation.
  • An illness can happen anytime – the stress of travel, different surroundings, weather changes and more can cause your parent’s immune system to weaken and they get sick. If your parents must go to the hospital, the bill that results could jeopardize your financial security and your sponsorship without insurance to cover it.
  • Those legally living and working in the U.S. have the opportunity and responsibility to buy health insurance, but that insurance cannot protect visitors to the United States. Visitors to the U.S. cannot be added to a health insurance plan paid for by those living and working in the U.S.
  • As a legal resident, you may be held legally liable for the medical expenses incurred by those visiting you.

In addition, having a good travel medical insurance policy means true peace of mind. One that covers your parents for medical and travel emergencies ensures that you – and they – can trust that their visit to America, while not risk-free, will be free of the potential for financial disasters.

Some of the top plans for parents visiting the U.S. include CoverAmerica-Gold, Patriot America Plus, Atlas America, and Patriot America, as they all feature excellent PPO networks, reliable comprehensive coverage, and coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

You can get a quote and purchase visitors insurance for parents online – all you need is the traveler’s name, passport number, and date of birth.

Best Travel Insurance for Parents visiting USA


CoverAmerica – Gold

Comprehensive Coverage Plan

Plan Highlights

  • Rated “A” Plan
  • Up to $150 Towards Public Health Emergency Screening (Covid-19 test)
  • No Cancellation fee
  • Plan pays 100% of eligible medical expenses up to the medical maximum after deductible is met
  • Urgent care copay $15
  • Coverage for Flu shots
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage up to policy maximum for those 69 and under, and up to $30,000 for ages 70-79
  • Out of pocket maximum is $1,000

Budget Travel Insurance Plans for Visiting Parents



Limited Coverage Plan

Plan Highlights

  • Plan pays fixed amount per incident up to policy maximum
  • Basic coverage, low cost, less benefits
  • Coverage for Covid-19 treatment and Flu Shots
  • PPO Network
  • Optional pre-existing condition coverage
  • Urgent Care/Walk-in Clinics
  • Coverage for border entry denial
  • Coverage for adventure sports and amusement park injuries
  • Coverage for loss of passport and essential travel documents

Frequently Asked Questions About Visitors Insurance For Parents From India

  • Can I buy health insurance for my Indian parents from the US?

Yes, you can buy health insurance for your parents. Just make sure you notate the activation date depending upon their travel plans. Some plans cover travel time as well, which is beneficial for parents from traveling from India to USA.

  • Is it cheaper to buy travel insurance from India or USA?

Costs of the insurance plans vary in different countries, from different vendors and for different age categories. What doesn’t vary is the fact that the payment and claims process is much easier if the insurance plan is bought from the US rather than India. So in the long run, purchasing visitor’s insurance from the US is always beneficial.

  • Do any insurance plans cover Covid-19 for elderly parents?

Yes, there are several insurance plans that cover Covid-19 like any other illness. One of the most popular choices for parents from India is CoverAmerica Gold. 

  • Do my parents traveling from India to the US need to be Covid vaccinated to be eligible for travel insurance

The Covid vaccine is not a criteria to be eligible for visitors insurance. However, it may be mandatory to travel to the US, depending on what is currently being enforced. So your parents may have to get the complete series of the Covid vaccinations and wait a certain amount of time before planning to travel. Here’s a COMPLETE list of approved Covid vaccines for US travel

  • Can I cancel the insurance plan if my parents’ travel plans change?

Most plans are cancellable and renewable. These can be adjusted depending upon the plan you purchase.

  • Can I buy the health insurance for my Indian citizen parents or do they have to buy it themselves?

You can definitely purchase the travel insurance for your parents. There are several options available from the market place in the US that allow you to customize the best insurance plan for your parents

  • Can I buy visitors insurance for my parents who are over 70 years old?

Yes, there are several travel insurance plans available that cater to elderly parents. Its best to talk to a licensed professional before making a purchase so as to ensure that it is best suited to your parent’s needs – age, health conditions and duration of stay in the US

Find the Right Travel Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

Get Quote, Compare various plans and Buy travel medical Insurance for parents visiting USA online


The information represented on this page is provided by VisitorsCoverage Inc., a US-based licensed insurance service provider.

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