Review: Safe Travels Voyager – Is It Worth Buying?

The Safe Travels Voyager travel insurance plan is what you need when you take a trip domestically or outside the US. It gives you the peace of mind needed when things are at its most uncertain point.
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Be it a trip interruption, trip cancellation or a post-departure protection, Safe travels Voyager is one of the few plans that covers it all. And if for whatever reason you decide to cancel your entire trip altogether, this insurance plan also provides the optional Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) benefit.

Plan Highlights

  • Covid-19 treated like any other eligible illness
  • Trip cancellation benefit of up to 100% for nonrefundable trip costs
  • Offers trip delay of up to $2000 for accommodation expenses
  • Coverage for US residents up to age 99 years old traveling domestically or outside the US
  • Coverage duration anywhere between 1 day to 180 days
  • Pet coverage included

Guide: How To Choose A Covid-19 Travel Insurance Plan

Noticeable Features

  • It is a comprehensive insurance plan for US residents and eligible dependents;
  • Has a 10-day free look back period;
  • Pre-existing medical condition waiver included on plans purchased with final trip payment

Worried About Traveling To The US With Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

Here are some other options for you


  • Insurance plan does not cover non-US residents
  • To be eligible for travel medical insurance, the maximum trip cost shouldn’t exceed $100,000
  • For the optional CFAR benefit, the plan should be purchased with 21 days of initial trip deposit date

Expert Opinion

With the availability of Safe Travels Voyager insurance plan, you can be rest assured about your entire trip. Expecting any delays and/or interruptions during your trip can be mitigated and covered by purchasing this plan. Policyholders who may have to cancel their trips due to a covered reason can still be provided a reimbursement for the percentage of the prepaid, non-refundable, forfeited payments made towards the trip.

Applicable to US residents only, Safe Travels Voyager plan offers a pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver as well. This exclusion is waived if you are medically able to travel on the policy effective date.

The added convenience of this plan lies in its coverage of missed connections, airline ticket exchange fee, baggage delays, emergency evacuation and repatriation and rental car damage. This plan also provides travel assistance services, and non-insurance personal assistance like pre-trip information, translators and emergency cash advances.

Overall ratings: 4.5

For more detailed information on this plan, please review the Safe travels voyager Brochure.


Safe Travels Voyager

Comprehensive Coverage Plan

Plan Highlights

  • Rated “A++” Plan
  • Up to 100% Trip Cancellation Coverage
  • Up to 150% Trip Interruption coverage
  • CFAR is an optional Add-on benefit
  • Dental expense covered up to $750

Safe Travels Voyager Claims Process: How To File A Claim

Filing a claim for a Safe Travels Voyager insurance plan is quick and easy. Doing the relevant paperwork and sending it in a timely manner (usually within 90 days from the date of medical service received) always ensures a smooth process.

The following simple steps are to be followed to file a claim:

Download claims form

Attach the following documents

  • Completed claims form
  • Copy of the insured passport
  • Copies of all medical receipts
  • Copies of all bills and itemized services
  • Cover letter with brief information about the insured, his illness and his treatment


Once the completed claims form is received by the insurance company, Trawick International Insurance they will evaluate all documents, the claims department verifies the information to make the appropriate payment as determined by your insurance policy.

Contact Information

You can contact Safe Travels Voyager via

  • Mail: Co-ordinated Benefit Plans LLC on Behalf of Crum and Forster SPCPO Box 26222Tampa FL 33623
  • Call: Toll Free: 866-696-0409 or 251-928-0939
  • Email: [email protected]

Safe Travels Voyager Customer Reviews

  • AM Best Rating: A++ (Excellent)
  • Excellent customer feedback and reviews
  • Best Suitable for:US residents traveling internationally.

How To Buy Safe Travels Voyager Insurance Plan

Purchase Your Policy

Learn more about more travel insurance plans similar to Safe Travels Voyager. Visit Best Trip Insurance Plans

You may also contact a licensed travel insurance agent and consultant who will help you find a suitable travel insurance policy for you.


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