Best Travel Medical Insurance Plans For Visitors to USA

If there is one thing every experienced traveler knows, it is to expect the unexpected. If the unexpected occurs while visiting the US, travel medical insurance can help to lessen the blow.
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Though the US has some of the best, most advanced medical technology and healthcare in the world, it also tends to be much more expensive than medical care in other countries. Whether a traveler faces a sudden illness, injury or unfortunate accident, the medical costs associated with doctor and hospital visits can be astronomical without travel medical insurance.

The need for travel health insurance varies depending on each travelers specific needs and trip plans, though having some form of travel insurance is recommended for all travelers. Most travel medical insurance can cover visitors from 5 days up to 364 days or longer.

For example, travelers 55 and over may need more extensive travel medical insurance to prepare for any unexpected health complications. Thrill-seeking travelers should have hazardous sports coverage if participating in snow sports, water sports, rock climbing or other adventurous activities.

In addition, there are different types of plans available: comprehensive coverage plans and limited coverage plans. Limited coverage plans provide basic travel medical protection while comprehensive coverage plans offer better visitors insurance benefits and more flexible coverage at a slightly higher cost.

Some of the best visitors insurance options for travelers to the US on a B1 or B2 visa are listed below.

Patriot America Plus

One of the most popular and versatile plans, the Patriot America Plus plan from IMG is a comprehensive plan that includes a PPO network. The plan is renewable, cancelable and provides coverage from 5 to 365 days. It can also provide up to the policy maximum of acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage for those under the age of 70.

CoverAmerica Gold

This comprehensive coverage plan has an extensive PPO network within United Health and provides 100% coverage in the network after the deductible is satisfied. The most outstanding feature is that it comes with the most comprehensive Covid-19 coverage and treats it as any other eligible illness if the virus was contracted after the policy effective date. After December 1, 2021, anyone who is covered on Cover America Gold will have COVID coverage regardless of the length of their purchased policy period. This means that if the virus was contracted after the policy was purchased, it provides coverage for screening, financial support during quarantine as well as coverage for all Covid-related medical expenses. It has no cancellation or extension fees should there be changes to travel plans either.

Ideal for visitors to the USA, this plan includes emergency dental treatment, emergency eye exams, $15 urgent care copays, offers up to policy maximum in coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions for travelers under 70 and up to $30,000 for travelers age 70-79. Moreover, if the insured person has a policy for at least 30 days, they can avail of a free public health emergency screening benefit despite travel warnings in the destination country. Lastly, it offers up to $100 for travel delays of 12 hours or more, thus giving the traveler peace of mind to sit back and enjoy his trip as and when it happens.

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If you only require basic health coverage when visiting the United States, you may opt for a limited coverage visitors insurance plan such as Visitors Care or VisitorSecure, which are low cost options that pay per incident or treatment.

It is important to note that there is no one best plan for all travelers. For parents visiting the US, business travelers and vacationers, it is important to assess your specific needs and find a plan that has the coverage you want. Certain travelers with specific needs may need more coverage, while others may only want basic coverage. Regardless of the plan you choose, it is imperative to read your policy details carefully and take note of what is and is not covered.

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