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Are you shopping around for visitors medical insurance for your parents or relatives and spending endless hours online trying to figure out what policy is a good match for you at an affordable price? Are you asking yourself, "With so many insurance companies offering so many different plans, how can I possibly decide which plan is best for my needs?" Your search ends here. On Path2USA, we provide you with all the information you need to make an educated purchasing decision.
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The process of buying insurance is like going to an electronic shop to buy a TV. There are countless models with almost identical features, which make your decision even more confusing and difficult. Of course, you want to make sure that you make the right decision, why wouldn’t you? After all, you are paying for it.

In case you are among those shoppers who like to read highlights, compare them and make an informed decision based on the comparison, you can have a look at our top picks. These are the best-selling visitors insurance plans that offer good coverage, wide choices and are choice of frequent travelers.

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Here are some basics: Visitor medical insurance is short-term medical insurance that is specially designed for visitors. Travel medical insurance does not work exactly like your regular domestic health insurance where the only expense you owe is your co- payment upon use of your insurance, which usually ranges from $15-$45. Though you may initially have to pay a deductible and then some, depending on the plan you get, you are ultimately covered from large expenses that you would otherwise have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for if anything major happened. It is however, important that you don’t assume that just because you buy visitor medical insurance, you won’t be paying anything in the event of a medical issue. When it comes to travel medical insurance, much of the coverage is circumstantial based on the plan you purchase and the travelers specific situation but nonetheless, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Coverage Talk

Coverage typically includes doctor’s visits, pharmaceutical expenses, emergency visits to the hospital, lab work, emergency evacuation, some trip interruption/baggage loss, and emergency dental and vision coverage.

Finding the Perfect Plan

Visitor Insurance Guide

It may be difficult to find a plan that fits your needs 100%, as each plan offers a some of this, and some of that. Because accidents and illnesses are unpredictable, no one knows what kind of problems one might face in the future and as a result, you can never be 100% sure about the kind of coverage that is best for you or what you may need along the way. As with anything, there are pros and cons for each visitors insurance plan. For instance, if one plan is cheaper and has a low deductible, then it will likely provide limited coverage. On the other hand, if one plan offers higher, more thorough coverage, then it will either have a higher deductible/co-insurance or will have a more expensive premium. In the end however, the most important thing is that you choose a plan that will provide you with adequate coverage at a price you can afford.

The two main types of travel medical insurance plans are:

  • Limited Coverage Plans: These plans are less expensive, but have limitations on coverage. They are also called fixed coverage plans/schedule benefit plans.
  • Comprehensive Coverage Plans: These plans are a bit more expensive than limited coverage plans, but they offer more coverage.

Learn more about the differences between Limited and Comprehensive coverage plans.

What kind of policy should I purchase?

When entering the decision process, you must first identify your specific needs and ask yourself how much you are willing to pay based on your individual circumstances:

1 ” I want to pay less and buy a basic coverage plan, but I know and understand that limited coverage plans may not be adequate in case of any bigger medical/accident emergency. In such an event, I am ready to pay any additional expenses from my pocket “

Go for a Comprehensive Coverage Plan.


I do not want to take any risk and would prefer to pay a little more now, but want a coverage that protects me from any bigger expense that may occur from accidents/emergencies on my trip.”

Go for a Comprehensive Coverage Plan.

(Note for Age 80+ most of the comprehensive coverage plans have a limitation on maximum coverage. Call us to discuss the best possible coverage for this particular age group)

Once you have decided on what type of plan is suitable for you, you have already won half the battle of your decision-making process. Now all you need to do is decide on the company you would like to purchase from and the specific plan you would like to purchase.

Which company gives you the best deal?

With so many companies around, which one is the best visitors insurance?

There are very few well-known and reputed American insurance companies who issue the actual insurance policies themselves. Each company has various plans/products with different given names.

These companies also sell these plans through agents, and can be purchased online as well. If buying through an agent, it is important that you make your purchase through an agent you can trust. If you need a second opinion, you may also want to ask your friends and family about their experiences.

Do not make your decision under the influence of emotions while selecting a plan or company. Just because a company’s name starts with your country’s name or has America in it, doesn’t mean that you will get what you are looking for with the plan.

Path2usa has listed top-rated and industry’s best plans, check out the features and cost in the link provided.

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