Low Cost Health Insurance For Foreign Students

As foreign students begin to make preparations to join their colleges and universities this Fall in the U.S., many things have to be taken care of. Starting from getting an F1 student visa for the U.S. to ensuring they have enough funds to support them during the duration of their coursework.
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However, the one thing that is of utmost importance but often overlooked is the need for health insurance. While medical costs in the U.S. are quite high, not getting medical health insurance as a foreign student can cost you much more. As this simple scenario can depict – under the age of 25, a student can expect to spend a monthly sum of $30 (depending upon the insurance plan) and be protected against almost every health contingency or end up paying anything from $1000 for an ambulance ride to $500,000 for the treatment of a road accident. Doing the math, it seems reasonable to adopt a health insurance plan instead of foregoing it.

Is Health Insurance Mandatory For Foreign Students?

Foreign students on an F1 visa and their dependents do not have any government mandate to get health insurance. While most universities and colleges in the U.S. require the foreign student to purchase health insurance, it is not a pre-requisite for admissions.

Different health insurance plans offer different forms of coverage for different prices. It is important that foreign students compare the best plans before purchasing one that suits their needs and medical history.

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Which Category Of Foreign Student Needs Health Insurance

As mentioned above, certain colleges and universities offer health insurance as part of their own admission process. However, F1 visa holders do not have to meet government mandated standards as these students have lesser oversight from the U.S. government. 

On the other hand, foreign students holding a J1 visa must have adequate health insurance as set forth by the U.S. Department of State. The J1 visa requires students to include the following in their health insurance package:

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  • Medical benefits of at least $100,000 per accident or illness
  • Repatriation of remains coverage amounting to $25,000
  • Expenses associated with the emergency medical evacuation of the exchange visitor to his or her home country in the amount of $50,000
  • A deductible of no more than $500 per accident or illness

Affordable  Health Insurance Plans Available For Foreign Students

There are only two ways foreign students can purchase health insurance in the U.S. – either through their university or from the marketplace. If students are looking for an affordable health insurance plan when studying in the U.S., they can certainly evaluate these options available in the marketplace. Not only are they inexpensive, but also meet all the requirements from both the U.S. government as well as all the universities and colleges.

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If foreign students don’t want to purchase the expensive and limited health insurance options from their universities, the three best student health insurance plans are – 

Student Secure-Smart

Designed specifically to meet the health requirements of foreign students, Student Secure-Smart is a budget friendly insurance plan. Not only does it cover for physician visits and urgent care visits, it also provides insurance against surgical treatment, prescription drugs and ambulance expenses.

As an added advantage, Student Secure-Smart also provides $25,000 lifetime coverage for eligible acute onset of pre-existing conditions as well as Covid-19 coverage, if contracted after policy effective date.

Student Secure Smart Health Insurance Plan

The Most Inexpensive Student Health Insurance Plan In The USA

Student Health Advantage-Platinum

Student Health Advantage – Platinum is a popular health insurance plan for foreign students, scholars, faculty, and their families. Not only does this plan meet the needs of F1 visa students but also those of the J1 visa. This plan includes benefits for maternity, mental health and emergency medical evaluation. After a period of 12-month usage, this plan covers pre-existing conditions as well.

If the foreign student catches the Covid-19 virus after the active date of the plan, they’ll be covered for Covid-19 like any other illness.

Student Health Advantage – Platinum Health Insurance Plan

The Most Effective Student Health Insurance Plan In The USA

Student Secure Elite

This plan is most sought after for the extensive coverage it provides. It has 100% coverage within the PPO network and covers an average semi-private room and nursing services. With higher coverage limits, acute onset of pre-existing conditions, Covid-19, emergency evacuation and mental health coverage, this is one of the most popular health insurance plans for foreign students.

Student Secure Elite Health Insurance Plan

The Student Health Insurance Plan With The Highest Coverage Limits In The USA

Once you are covered with the right health insurance plan tailored to meet every foreign student’s need, coming to the U.S. for your higher education is a lot more stress-free especially knowing that your health is covered when away from home.



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