SafeCruise Insurance- Giving Peace of Mind to Cruise Goers

One of the more popular vacation destinations is not even a destination these days but the journey, more specifically a cruise journey! With cruise travel growing significantly in recent times, the need to make it tension-free is gaining momentum as well. VisitorsCoverage offers SafeCruise insurance, a trip insurance protection plan that provides cruise-goers coverage for a variety of issues related to a nautical adventure.
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Why would you need Insurance on a Cruise?

While on a cruise, the traveler can be faced with a myriad of risks and issues. His trip cant be a pleasurable one if it is interrupted or missed even before it started. Today the smart cruise traveler is even more conscious of making sure it is smooth and worry free. One could either face the obvious medical and financial risk or the unexpected trip interruption and emergency evacuation. The best way to ensure peace of mind in such circumstances is with a trip insurance protection like SafeCruise insurance and have yourself covered for every unanticipated contingency. The fallout is huge and SafeCruise has your back.

What is covered with SafeCruise?

SafeCruise is your answer to cover every risk related to cruise travel. Be it cancellations or interruptions including re-joining the trip midway from anywhere, makers of SafeCruise insurance have thought of everything that will ensure you have coverage. The anticipation of something unpleasant happening like a medical emergency, medical evacuation or repatriation of mortal remains can dampen any trip. SafeCruise has you covered. They even do it smartly by paying up to $250,000 upfront in accidental and medical costs thereby, giving you instant support in the time of need. SafeCruise is also thinking about you during the trip by providing 24-hour concierge service with assistance like vaccination requirements for any destination.

Who is eligible for coverage by SafeCruise insurance?

  • At this time, only US residents are eligible for this exclusive cruise travel coverage.
  • US residents are covered from any port of embarkation around the world including from the US.
  • It has home-to-home coverage and once the plan is active, the cruiser will be covered for the duration of the plan even if they have not boarded the cruise.

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