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INF Elite is a popular travel medical insurance plan for foreign visitors to the US, Canada, and Mexico. It is a comprehensive visitors insurance plan that is one of the few plans that covers the worsening of pre-existing medical conditions. It is an ideal option for travelers looking for health insurance for visitors to USA that offers great coverage and benefits, especially for those who have pre-existing conditions.

What is a Pre-existing Condition?

A pre-existing condition could be either a diagnosed or undiagnosed condition that the beneficiary had before the insurance plan was purchased and activated. Some examples of a pre-existing medical condition include asthma, diabetes, or a heart condition, among the many. The INF Elite visitors insurance plan for the worsening of pre-existing conditions also covers new conditions that may occur during the policy period.

INF Elite Review – Travel Medical Insurance

The INF Elite travel medical insurance plan is an ideal plan for foreign visitors to the U.S. who are looking for comprehensive coverage. It is especially recommended for elderly travelers and those with chronic conditions.

Plan Highlights

  • $0 co-pay telemedicine visits
  • Emergency medical evacuation coverage
  • No waiting period for pre-existing coverage
  • Coverage up to age 99 years old
  • Provides coverage in U.S., Mexico, and Canada
  • Renewable

The most important feature of this plan is that is covers the worsening of pre-existing conditions. You won’t find this type of coverage on most similar visitors insurance plans. If you are a traveler with pre-existing conditions, this is a great option for you so that you can remain covered during your trip should you need any type of care related to the worsening of your condition.

INF Elite Insurance Plan Best Features

The best features of the INF Elite travel medical insurance plan include:

  • Covers the worsening of pre-existing conditions
  • It is a comprehensive insurance plan for non-US citizens, US expats and eligible dependents
  • Has a very large age limit and provides coverage up to 99 years of age
  • United HealthCare PPO Network
  • AM Best Rating: A (Excellent)
  • Excellent customer feedback and reviews
  • Policy maximum is per incident

Worried About Traveling To The US With Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

Here’re some other options for you

INF Elite Insurance Plan Limitations

  • Plan pays based on percentage of bill
  • Entire amount of premium should be paid at the time of enrollment
  • Pregnancy is not covered

INF Elite Insurance Plan Expert Opinion

With the availability of INF Elite, having pre-existing medical conditions is no longer a reason not to travel, connect with family abroad or be able to enjoy a peaceful vacation, particularly for elderly parents visiting the USA who have pre-existing medical conditions.

Applicable to non-US citizens, US expats and all their eligible dependents, INF Elite provides complete coverage for worsening of pre-existing conditions. This plan is often referred to as the best medical insurance for parents visiting USA from India.

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The added convenience of this plan lies in its coverage of doctors appointments, specialist care, and hospital stays. This plan also covers urgent care visits and lab procedures, arising from pre-existing conditions up to the eligible maximum. Elderly parents visiting their kids find that INF Elite gives them peace of mind when traveling to the USA

Overall ratings: 4.8

For more detailed information on this plan, please review the INF Elite Brochure.


INF Elite

Comprehensive Coverage Plan

Plan Highlights

  • Rated “A” Plan
  • Up to 80% or 90% Coverage
  • PPO Network
  • Renewable
  • No State or Country Restrictions
  • Up to $150K Coverage up to Policy Maximum (Conditions Apply)

INF Elite Claims Process: How To File A Claim

Filing a claim for an INF Elite insurance plan is quick and easy. Doing the relevant paperwork and sending it in a timely manner (usually within 90 days from the date of medical service received) always ensures a smooth process.

The following simple steps are to be followed to file a claim:

Download Claims Form

Required Documents

  • Completed claims form
  • Copy of the insured passport
  • Copies of all medical receipts
  • Copies of all bills and itemized services
  • Cover letter with brief information about the insured, their illness and their treatment


Once the completed claims form is received by the insurance company, INF Visitor Insurance will evaluate all documents and the claims department will verify the information to make the appropriate payment as determined by your insurance policy.

Contact Information

You can contact INF Elite via

  • Mail: Administrative Concepts, Inc. (ACI) 994 Old Eagle School Rd., Suite 1005, Wayne, PA 19087-1706
  • Call: Toll Free: 888-293-9229 (from inside the U.S.)
  • Email: [email protected]

How To Buy INF Elite Insurance Plan

Purchase Your Policy

For more reviews of the INF Elite insurance experience, see what real customers have to say! You may also contact a licensed travel insurance agent and consultant who will help you find a suitable travel insurance policy for you.

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