When visiting the US, navigating its complex healthcare system is one of the challenges faced by most international travelers. Unfamiliar with the differences in opting for medical service providers within PPO network and out-of-network, a lot many visitors to the US end up getting blindsided by the costs attached with their insurance policies.

One of the ways visitors to the US can counter this is by opting for Atlas America visitor medical insurance plan. Not only does it have the advantage of being a popular visitor insurance plan for international visitors to the US but once the deductible is met, it covers 100% of medical services both within and out-of-network.

Atlas America Insurance Plan – Is It Worth Buying?

  • Medical service providers who are within the preferred provider organization (PPO) offer services at reduced rates. Subscribers to the Atlas America insurance plan have the advantage of having 100% coverage both in and out-of-network for eligible injury or sickness, once the deductible is met.

  • Atlas America is a comprehensive plan, meaning that only a percentage of your total policy is applied to your cost per incident. This gives for better coverage with minimal premium.

  • For most visitors over the age of 70, the policy maximum is generous amount of coverage in comparison to many other insurance plans.

  • For policy holders who may have an acute onset of a pre-existing medical conditions, the payout is a good amount of the policy maximum. 

  • Buyers of Atlas America insurance policies have the comfort knowing that the plan can be activated the very same day it is bought and begin their trip to the US knowing that their guess work from their medical care is taken out when in the US.

Atlas America
Comprehensive Coverage Plan

Atlas America has the double advantage of not only covering the PPO network but also protecting you out-of-network as it pays the Usual, Reasonable and Customary amounts prevalent in that region. This takes the worry out of evaluating the medical provider based on costs attached. Atlas America can be cancelled even after the policy has become effective as long as no claims have been filed. This gives the buyer a lot of flexibility as seen in the details below.

Plan Highlights
• Rated "A" Plan
• 100% Coverage
• PPO Network
• Renewable and Cancellable
• Coverage during international travel
• Acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage up to $2,000,000 for those 69 and under, and up to $100,000 for ages 70-79