When deciding to buy travel medical insurance before a trip, over 69% of travelers are concerned about their already existent health condition. Without knowing that there are insurance plans available that actually cover for pre-existing medical conditions, many travelers hesitate to take a trip.

In the insurance industry, a pre-existing medical condition is defined as a medical condition, diagnosed or undiagnosed, that existed in a person before the insurance policy became effective. If a person is taking medication and/or being treated for an ailment, this qualifies as a pre-existing condition. Pre-existing conditions can vary widely from diabetes and heart conditions to asthma and chronic pain.

This should not be confused with an acute onset of a pre-existing condition that is the sudden occurrence of this pre-existing medical condition. Not many are able to distinguish between pre-existing and acute onset of pre-existing medical conditions.

For many travelers, especially parents visiting the US, they are enduring pre-existing conditions and dont know who to turn to. There are travel medical insurance plans covering pre-existing conditionsand INF Elite is one of the go-to options for many.

Is INF Elite Travel Insurance Plan Worth Buying For Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

  • INF Elite provides complete coverage for pre-existing conditions;

  • It is a comprehensive insurance plan for non-US citizens, US expats and eligible dependents;

  • It offers coverage for doctors appointments, specialist care, and hospital stays;

  • This plan also covers urgent care visits and lab procedures, arising from pre-existing conditions up to the eligible maximum;

  • If the US visitor is able to connect with a local doctor via phone, this plan covers $0 co-pay for telemedicine;

  • INF Elite has the added advantage of having a very large age limit and provides coverage up to 99 years of age;

  • With any emergency, INF Elite provides for emergency medical evacuation;

  • For anyone wanting to take a trip beyond USA, this travel insurance plan also provides coverage in Mexico and Canada;

  • If the traveler decides to extend his trip, this plan is easily renewable

For more detailed information on this plan,please reviewthe INF Elite Brochure.

INF Elite
Comprehensive Coverage Plan

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Plan Highlights

Rated "A" Plan

Up to 80% Coverage

PPO Network


No State or Country Restrictions

Up to $150K Coverage up to Policy Maximum (Conditions Apply)

While INF Elite is a comprehensive insurance plan and has the unique feature of covering pre-existing medical conditions, it is not meant to replace the domestic or preventative care the insured would receive at home for existing conditions.It is important to note that this plan covers pre-existing conditions up to the limit as per the policy terms and pays based on percentage of bill.

Do not let pre-existing health conditions prevent you from taking a trip to the US, Canada or Mexico. INF Elite is definitely worth considering!

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