With exorbitantly high healthcare costs in the United States, travelers to the US have long worried about finding appropriate travel medical insurance plan for their trip. VisitorsCoverage listened to customers and has created an innovative plan to address this need.

The groundbreaking plan, called Cover America Gold, is ideal for international travelers, especially parents visiting the US and senior travelers. The only plan of its kind, Cover America Gold offers international travelers all the coverage features they need in one single plan.

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Cover America Gold is a comprehensive coverage plan that offers a wide variety of unique coverage options, from $20-$25 urgent care consultations to acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage. In addition to providing coverage for trips to the US, Cover America Gold also provides coverage for trips to Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Bahamas and South America.

VisitorsCoverage is constantly working toward the betterment of the industry. With the creation of this exclusive travel insurance option, they have again proved to be a leader in the industry.

Covid-19 Coverage
The new Cover America Gold insurance plan is the world's most comprehensive visitors insurance plan that covers Covid-19 like any other illness. From screening to repatriation, new Cover America Gold policy covers all Covid-related medical expenses, if the policy was purchased before contracting the virus. An added benefit is that CoverAmerica Gold actually provides quarantine benefits as well.

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The Plan Pays 100% in Network After the Deductible is Satisfied
Cover America Gold pays 100%, up to the policy maximum, within the network after the deductible is met for doctor visits, hospital stays, surgical treatment, lab work, x-rays and physical therapy. Outside of the PPO network, 80% of the first $5,000 is covered, then 100% is covered thereafter, up to the policy maximum.

Acute Onset of Pre-existing Conditions is Covered
For travelers up to age 69, the plan can provide acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage up to $125,000. For travelers 70-79, the plan pays up to $30,000 in acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage. Cardiac and stroke coverage can vary from $30,000 to $36,000.

$150 Towards A Public Health Emergency Screening
If the insured beneficiary has bought a Cover America Gold policy for a minimum of 30 days, he can be eligible for a free initial health screening for a Public Health Emergency. This will be applicable despite the travel warnings put in place for the destination countries

Preferred Rates For Returning Customers
Returning customers enjoy a preferred rate that is approximately 5% lower than the original. The lower rate also applies to renewals and extensions of the new policy as long as the original CoverAmerica-Gold policy was purchased on or after April 1, 2020 and administered by IMG Global.

Affordable Urgent Care Consultations
The co-pay for an urgent care consultation is only $20 or $25, depending on the selected policy maximum. Copay is $20 if selected policy maximum is $100,000 or higher, and $25 if selected policy maximum is $50,000. For other urgent care services within the network, the plan will pay 100% after the deductible is met.

Coverage for Emergency Dental Treatment & Eye Exams is Available
After 30 days of continuous coverage, the plan will pay up to $250 for acute, spontaneous and unexpected dental pain and 100% coverage within the network for a dental emergency. Up to $100 is covered for an emergency eye exam after a $50 deductible is satisfied.

Plan Covers Missed Connection, Travel Delays and Loss of Passport or Travel Documents
In addition to providing 24/7 travel assistance services, Cover America Gold also provides up to $400 for the costs of lodging and airfare for a missed connection. The plan covers up to $200 for loss of passport or travel documents and $250 for loss of checked baggage.

Provides Border Entry Protection if Traveler is Denied Entry
The plan provides up to $550 for a flight or carrier change fee if the insured, traveling to the US on a valid B2 visa, is denied entrance at the border.

Other important features of the plan include coverage for leisure sports and theme park activities, natural disaster and terrorism coverage, a prescription discount card, return of mortal remains and political evacuation coverage.

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Cancellable and Renewable at No Extra Fee

While most other plans charge a fee ranging from $20-$55 for any legitimate cancellations and or renewals, CoverAmerica Gold can be extended, renewed or cancelled at no cost to you. The $0 fee to you for any change in your plans towards a travel insurance plans provides great peace of mind and reliability on CoverAmerica Gold for all international travelers.

No other insurance policy on the market is able to offer comprehensive coverage coupled with the above listed features, making Cover America a truly unique plan. Visitors to the US can focus on enjoying their stay and relatives visiting family can focus on making memories with peace of mind knowing they are covered with Cover America Gold .

To learn more about the plan and get a free quote go to Cover America Insurance.