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Many immigrants who live and work in the U.S. want to share their success and experiences with their family overseas, especially their parents. Parents of immigrants in the United States will often visit for weeks or months at a time on visitor visas. When planning for your parents’ arrival, you’ll likely organize trips, things to do, places to eat, and more to make their visit as enjoyable as possible. Among your preparations should be purchasing travel insurance for parents visiting USA.

A visitors insurance plan will ensure that your parents are covered for medical treatment during their stay in the United States. With age comes greater risk of needing medical care, especially in a new environment. A short-term health insurance plan will give you peace of mind and protect you and your family from a great financial burden if medical attention is needed. Visitors insurance for parents from India can cover a multitude of care including doctor visits, hospital stays, medication, and more.

Worried About Traveling to the US with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

Here’re the BEST travel insurance plans for you!

Medical costs in the United States are significantly higher than in other countries, so even a simple doctor visit without insurance could become a financial burden on you and your parents. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your parents are covered for the unexpected.

Purchasing travel medical insurance for parents has never been easier or more accessible. With no medical exam required and limited paperwork, you can complete everything online and give your parents the joy of a carefree stay in the USA.

As parents age, they are more prone to health-related risks, so finding a comprehensive travel medical insurance plan with acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage is highly recommended.

Best Visitors Insurance for Parents

There are several visitor insurance plans that offer various degrees of coverage, but when it comes to protecting parents visiting the US, one needs a comprehensive plan that provides coverage from the start of the journey to the stay in the US and until they reach safely back home. CoverAmerica – Gold, for example, is one of the most comprehensive plans that not only provide extensive coverage for Covid-19 related medical expenses, but also has coverage for acute onset of pre-existing medical conditions.


CoverAmerica Gold

Comprehensive Coverage Plan

Plan Highlights

Rated “A” Plan

  • 100% coverage in network after deductible
  • Comprehensive coverage for treatment and services related to Covid-19 if contracted after the policy effective date
  • No Cancellation fee
  • Urgent care copay $15
  • No Extension fee
  • Coverage for emergency dental treatment and emergency eye exams
  • $100 for travel delays of 12 hours or more.
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage up to policy maximum for those 69 and under, and up to $30,000 for ages 70-79.

Another recommended plan for travel insurance for parents visiting USA is Patriot America Plus, which is a comprehensive visitors insurance plan that offers 100% coverage in network and also offers coverage for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions.


Patriot America Plus

Comprehensive Coverage Plan

This plan has a 100% coverage within the PPO network up to the policy maximum for covered services in the US and international trips. If you are looking to have insurance coverage within a PPO network and also want a comprehensive visitor visa plan, the Patriot America Plus which covers a time frame anywhere between 5 days to 365 days of your travel is your answer to the most suitable travel medical insurance.

Plan Highlights

  • Rated “A-” Plan
  • 100% Coverage In Network
  • PPO Network
  • Renewable and Cancellable
  • Coverage during international travel
  • Up to the policy maximum coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions for those ages 69 and below

Choosing the best visitors insurance for your parents depends on each family’s specific needs, so be sure to read your policy brochure carefully so you know exactly what is and is not covered.

Travel Tips For Parents Visiting the US

It is always exciting when parents come to visit. Be it for the holidays or just to spend the summer with us, both adult kids and grandchildren have something to look forward to. However, elderly parents traveling brings with it the tensions associated with it – will they be safe? Do they need a younger companion during travel? Should you purchase an insurance plan that covers them during their flight?

Compare Best Trip Insurance Plans Options: Trip Insurance – Trip Cancellation, Trip Delay & Trip Interruption – All Covered

Here are the best travel tips for parents visiting the USA:

  • Parents should always share their itinerary with their adult children in the US.
  • Keep a small batch of medicines handy in your carry-on luggage along with prescription information.
  • Get to the airport sufficiently early to navigate the boarding and security procedures. Finding the departure gate can also be lengthy exercise if it’s not close by.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the fight to avoid negative effects of the circulated air of the flight.
  • Getting an insurance plan that allows for cancel for any reason insurance option provides the flexibility parents may need with their travel plans.

Find the Right Visitors Insurance Plan For Your Parents

Compare Top Rated Plans and Learn about Important Features.


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