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At Path2USA it is of utmost importance to us that you are well-informed before purchasing a travel medical insurance policy. We understand that visitor insurance is a subject that is often confusing, and thats why we are always innovating new ways to bring you information that helps you choose the right products and sevices.
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We present to you, a series of educational videos equipped with information to help you decide the right visitor medical insurance plan for your parents/relatives visit USA. These videos will guide you on how to choose a visitors insurance policy that is most suitable for your needs; as well as provide real-world examples to provide additional tools to help you make your decision.

How Much Policy Maximum to Select in Visitors Insurance?

How to Select the Right Deductible?

Limited Coverage Insurance Plans: Are They Good for You?

Comprehensive Coverage Insurance Plans: Why Are They Wise Choice?

Some Visitors May Not Need Hazardous Sports Coverage

AD&D: A Good Benefit of Visitor Insurance policy

Visitor Insurance offers Accidental Death Benefit

Return of Mortal Remains or Repatriation Coverage

Visitor Insurance Pays UCR Rate and Not the Actual Billed Amount.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Pay Attention : Pre-Existing Conditions are Not Covered in Visitors Insurance

Let Us Help You Find the Right Visitors Insurance Plan

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