Claim Process For Visitors’ Insurance

When it comes to Visitors Insurance, filing a claim is a mandatory process In order to receive coverage for any treatments or services, regardless of the billing practices of the provider you visited. This means that regardless of whether the doctor or hospital accepted your insurance and billed the insurance company directly, or denied your insurance and required you to pay for the expenses up front, you will still need to go through the mandatory claim process by submitting the appropriate form along with any supporting documents to the insurance company after the fact.
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Upon verification of the insured’s information and approval of the claim, the insurance company will issue the reimbursement or payment to the respective parties.

Claim Filing

You will need to file your claim within the specified period/date, generally within 90 days from the day of service obtained. Included in your claim submission should be:

  • A completed claim form (Can be downloaded directly online)
  • Copies of any medical bills or receipts,
  • Copy of the insured’s compete passport (all pages including visa page, picture page, entry and exit stamps)
  • Copy of I-94 (if visiting the U.S.)
  • Cover letter explaining any specific instructions or situations (if necessary)

After submitting your claim, you should continue to follow up with your insurance company on the status of your claim.

Evaluating a Claim

The time taken for evaluating a claim is relative to each case; it could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on several factors. To minimize any administrative delays, the insured should remain proactive in providing the insurance company with the required documents in a timely manner, and continue to follow up until the information provided is verified and reimbursement or payment is made.

Reimbursement and Payment

Depending on various factors including specific insurance company rules, the insurance company can make the payment directly to the hospital/Dr/Facility or may reimburse the payment to the insured for all approved and qualified claims as per the insurance plan.
Claim handling details, filing process, and insurance company contact information can also be found on the insurance policy documents.

Commonly Asked Questions about The Claims Process

1 When I went to the doctor, I paid up-front, how do I submit a reimbursement claim?

You will now need to go through the mandatory claims process by following the steps above, and if the insurance company determines that it is a valid claim, you would be reimbursed.

2 I paid for my father’s bill. Can I get the payment issued in my name?

Yes. When filling out the claim form, put your name and information in the claimant information section. If there is no separate space for claimant information, you can include a cover letter with your information.

3 The hospital charged the insurance company directly. Do I still need to send a claim form?

Yes. For visitors insurance, you must go through the claim process regardless of the billing practices of the provider you visited. This allows the insurance company to properly verify the insured’s information as well as the services or treatments received.

For more information on filing claims, refer to the article, Why do you need to file a claim?

Did You Know?
Filing a Visitors Insurance Claim is a Mandatory Process

Sending the claimant form along with necessary supporting documents, in a timely manner would speed up the process



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