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When you travel to another country, it is crucial to prioritize your health and consider the risks associated with international travel. While your existing medical insurance plan may offer coverage in your home country, it might not provide adequate or any coverage while you are abroad. Therefore, it is essential to obtain a visitors insurance coverage plan before your journey to safeguard yourself and your family in case of unexpected medical emergencies.

To avoid the burden of paying substantial amounts of money for medical expenses abroad, it is recommended to invest in a visitors insurance plan like VisitorSecure. This way, you can ensure that you have sufficient coverage and financial protection in case you require medical attention during your trip.

VisitorSecure Insurance Plan – Is It Worth Buying?

VisitorSecure is a limited travel medical insurance plan for both visitors to the U.S. and anyone traveling internationally. It is a great option for any international traveler who is looking for basic medical coverage while abroad.

VisitorSecure offers pre-defined amounts of medical coverage and emergency services, with coverage durations available from 5 days to 364 days. Once you have satisfied the deductible, this plan will reimburse you up to the stated amount outlined in the policy document for each covered treatment or service you require.

Key Highlights of VisitorSecure Insurance

  • Offers low cost options and affordable premiums
  • Visit any doctor or hospital of your choice
  • Provides basic medical coverage for the average international traveler 
  • Per incident coverage
  • Emergency medical evacuation and common carrier accidental death and dismemberment coverage included
  • Acute onset of pre-existing condition coverage
  • Coverage for COVID-19


Limited Coverage Plan

VisitorSecure is a limited coverage insurance plan for non-U.S. residents traveling to the United States and anyone traveling internationally. It offers basic medical coverage with affordable premium options based on deductible amounts and maximum coverage limits. This plan is a fixed dollar based limited coverage plan that pays a pre-defined dollar amount for every service or treatment received.

Plan Highlights

  • Plan pays fixed amount per incident up to policy maximum
  • Basic coverage, low cost, less benefits
  • Coverage from 5 to 364 days
  • Renewable and cancellable
  • Up to $100,000 coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions
  • Ability to choose any doctor or hospital

VisitorSecure Insurance Claims Process: How To File A Claim

Filing a claim for a VisitorSecure insurance plan is quick and simple. Complete the required paperwork and submit your claims form along with your supporting documents and required information within 60 days beginning on the last day of your certificate period to ensure a smooth claims process.

Follow these simple steps to file your claim:

Download Claims Form or File Online

Documents/Information to Include in Your Claim

  • Insured’s ID
  • Copy of passport
  • Copies of all receipts, bills, and itemized services
  • A cover letter


After receiving the completed claims form, WorldTrips, the insurance company, will carefully assess all the documents. The claims department verifies the provided information and proceeds to make the necessary payment based on the terms outlined in your selected insurance policy.

Contact Information

You can contact VisitorSecure Insurance via:

VisitorSecure Customer Reviews

  • AM Best Rating: A
  • Visit any doctor
  • Suitable for anyone traveling outside of their home country
  • Excellent customer feedback and reviews
  • Acute onset of pre-existing condition coverage
  • Renewable and cancellable

For more detailed information of the VisitorSecure insurance experience, see what the reviews and ratings have to say.

How To Buy VisitorSecure Insurance Plan

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