Why You Need Visitors Insurance When Traveling To The US From India

Why You Need Visitors Insurance When Traveling To The US From India

Many travelers have the same thoughts about travel insurance: “isn’t it a complicated process?” “I can’t afford travel insurance,” and, the most common, “do I really need travel insurance?” The truth is, purchasing travel insurance is neither complicated nor expensive. In fact, purchasing travel medical insurance has never been easier or more accessible. With no medical evaluation required and limited paperwork, you can complete everything online, hassle-free, and have the joy of a carefree stay in the USA.

Travel Insurance Can Save You From Financial Hardship

Though having visitors medical insurance is not mandatory for most countries and the risk of having an emergency is low, the cost of not having travel medical insurance when you need it is much higher than the cost of purchasing a plan. Unforeseen accidents and illness can happy anytime, anywhere, so it is important to make sure you are covered.

Your Healthcare at Home Won't Cover You

Domestic health insurance companies do not provide coverage for medical situations that happen overseas. Especially for parents visiting the US from countries such as India, having visitors insurance is the only way to ensure they are covered for the unexpected.

Medical Costs are Higher in the US

Medical care in the United States is significantly more expensive than in other countries. Even a simple doctor visit can cost up to $350 per visit, creating an unexpected financial burden. It happens all too often: visitors to the US decide not to purchase travel insurance because they think nothing will happen during their visit. Then when an accident or illness occurs, the unexpected medical bills can cost hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of dollars without insurance. If you and your family are unable to pay these bills, the result could be debt, poor credit and even bankruptcy.

Safeguard yourself against heavy medical costs abroad

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Travel Insurance May Cover Other Things Too

Travel medical insurance can help ease the potential financial burden and give you and your family peace of mind while in the US. Most plans will help to cover the costs of doctor and hospital visits, surgery and ambulance services. In addition to covering you for unexpected medical situations that could potentially cost a fortune, travel insurance can also offer a wide variety of other benefits including emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage loss, trip delay and travel assistance services.

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Coverage and benefits vary depending on which plan you choose. Some plans cost less but provide fewer benefits, while other plans offer better coverage at a higher cost. With any plan, it is extremely important to read your policy details carefully so you know exactly what is and is not covered.

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