As Coronavirus spread across the world, travelers have increasingly resorted to a good, comprehensive travel medical insurance before stepping out. The smart traveler already has a travel medical insurance and is now wondering what is and is not covered under the policy. This is because, an effective travel medical insurance will not only cover you from injuries and ailments but might also provide coverage from coronavirus.

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If you have purchased a travel medical insurance policy and it is still active, this is the time to renew it so that not only will the coverage continue to protect you from trip delays and cancellations in a foreign country but also provide protection from a fatal pandemic that has ravaged so many people across the world.

Travel Medical Insurance For Coronavirus

For your travel medical insurance plan to cover coronavirus you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • You must have purchased the policy before you have contracted the coronavirus or had any symptoms before the incubation period.

  • You shouldn't have had any periods of lapsed coverage and have consistent coverage throughout your trip.

Play It Safe

Get The Perfect Travel Medical Insurance That Covers Coronavirus

Travel Insurance For Covid-19

Travel Medical Insurance: Extension & Renewal

Know The Difference:

  • Extending a travel insurance medical plan means is to get an extension for the current plan within the 364 days in a policy.

  • Renewing a travel insurance medical plan means is to get the same benefits after the 364 days, for up to 2 years.

  • It is important to educate yourself with the renewable and extension details in your policy and confirm if the policy is renewable in the first place.

There are several ways to renew your policy, depending upon which insurance provider underwrites your plan.The safest way is to call them and speak with a licensed insurance agent who can assist with the process. Their individual websites also provide quick easy links to renew it yourself.

  • It is always advisable to renew your plan before it expires so that there is no lapse in coverage period. Follow the US Eastern Time Zone (EST time) to measure your policy's effective and expiration dates and times. Once expired, it cannot be renewed or extended. You will have to buy a whole new policy.

  • Renewing a policy allows its benefits to be unchanged and the beneficiary is able to enjoy uninterrupted coverage. Also, at the time of making a claim during original terms of the policy, medical conditions that happened cannot be considered as a pre-existing and will be treated as any other illness.

  • Given the current shelter-in-place and travel bans due to the pandemic, renewing your travel medical insurance should be imperative. This allows for a continuation of the current policy's terms and conditions but a new expiration date.

So Many Plans

Which One To Buy For Covid-19

Choose The Best Travel Insurance For Covid-19
  • It is important to read the policy brochure and terms of renewal or extension when doing so. For example, the Cover America Gold insurance planpurchased prior to Sept 1, 2020 does not cover for COVID-19. Given the latest upgrades to the plan, it is necessary to purchase a new plan to get all the Covid-19 coverage benefits that come exclusively with the comprehensive Cover America Gold plan.

  • In this case, renewing the current Cover America Gold plan will not receive exclusive Covid-19 coverage. Speak to a licensed insurance agent to get assistance regarding this advantage.

  • Several travelers simply choose to buy a different insurance plan when their circumstances change. This can be easily done by consulting an insurance specialist for the most suitable option in travel medical insurance plans. It is important to keep in mind that coverage might differ depending on the beneficiary's age and present medical condition.

For more information on renewing your insurance policy, connect with a licensed insurance agent at VisitorsCoverage.