Coronavirus or Covid-19 as it is more often called has been the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. A deadly virus, with no visible treatment or vaccine, taken over 900K lives and infected over 28 million people worldwide! Declared a pandemic, this virus has brought world economies to a standstill and interrupted most international travel.

The United States of America has endured 192K deaths and dealt with over 6.5 million infected cases so far. In a situation like this, there is very little to bank on but caution and safety. Having travel medical insurance before taking a trip to the US is the best recourse anyone has during a pandemic of this proportion.

The right kind of travel medical insurance not only protects you if you need to cancel your trip for any reason (CFAR) but also ensures you have coverage during your flight and all through your trip.

Guide: How To Choose A Covid-19 Travel Insurance Plan

What Does A Covid Travel Medical Insurance Cover?

The Coronavirus is a deadly virus that can cause havoc for your health anywhere from three months to 1 year. The damage it does can vary from breathing difficulties for a few months to permanent heart damage.

When visiting the US, it is important to note that the medical costs there are exorbitant and it is imperative to have the right kind of visitors medical insurance to avoid going into permanent financial crisis.

Review: Why Cover America Gold Should Be Your First Choice In Travel Insurance To The USA

Here's an exhaustive list of what different travel medical insurances might cover for Coronavirus (Covid-19).

*Please keep in mind that each travel medical insurance plan has its own clauses and before buying you should read the policy brochure to educate yourself about each feature of every individual plan.

  • Covid plans carry the benefit for public health emergency screenings and allow for testing of Covid-19 Here are the top 3 visitor's insurance plans with Covid-19 benefits

  • If contracted after the policy effective date, some plans like the Cover America Gold treat Coronavirus like any other illness and provide coverage for its entire treatment.

  • Provide a limited allowance during quarantine period is available with proof of quarantine mandate from a physician or government authority

  • 100% telemedicine option available to help maintain social distancing

  • They are all renewable

  • They have $0 cancellation fee

  • Some offer coverage during travel

  • Most travel medical insurance plans that cover Covid-19 provide access to the best and most extensive list of doctors within the PPO network

  • Local burial/repatriation benefits offered by some travel insurance plans

  • Urgent care visits coverage for some travel insurance plans

Worried About Traveling To The US With Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

Here're the BEST travel insurance plans for you

Travel Insurance For Pre-Existing Conditions

Which Travel Medical Insurance Plans Cover Covid-19 For Travelers To The USA?

Different plans have different criteria for coverage options. Depending upon each individual requirement, the choice in insurance plans will vary. For example, while Cover America Gold offers immediate testing as well as treatment, INF Elite will only allow for testing if the Covid symptoms are significant.

The following travel insurance plans offer coverage for the Coronavirus:

Cover America Gold

If pre-existing conditions is not a criterion, Cover America Gold provides 100% coverage after deductible is met right from Covid screening and financial support during quarantine to all expenses for its treatment. Ranked as the world's most comprehensive plan for Covid-19, Cover America Gold provides coverage for all medical expenses related to the illness. After December 1, 2021, anyone who is covered on Cover America Gold will have COVID coverage regardless of the length of their purchased policy period. This means that the plan will cover medical expenses arising from Coronavirus if the infection is contracted after the policy effective date.

Learn more about theCoverAmerica-Gold insurance plan

Liaison Travel Plus

Eligible for US residents and non-US residents up to the age of 74 years who are traveling outside their home country, Liaison Travel Plus not only covers Covid-19 as any other eligible medical condition but has been specifically designed to cover the specific ailments arising from the Coronavirus. It pays 90% up to the policy maximum once the deductible is met and for out of network, 80% for the first $5000 and then 100% thereafter, for the eligible covered medical expense as long as it was purchased before getting the infection.

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List Of Other Travel Insurance Plans That Cover COVID-19

  • Atlas America

  • Diplomat America

  • Patriot America Plus

  • Collegiate Care Exclusive

  • Collegiate Care Essential

  • Student Health Advantage - Platinum

  • Safe Travels USA Comprehensive

  • Safe Travels USA - Cost Saver

  • VisitorSecure