Why Limited Coverage Plans Are Cheaper

Limited coverage plans are Basic Medical Plans. Benefits are paid according to a fixed predefined schedule.You can review these fixed rates in plan brochure before you purchase the plan.
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A limited coverage plan, as opposed to a comprehensive plan, is typically cheaper to purchase. They are lower cost, however, they offer less benefits than a more comprehensive insurance plan.

Typically, a limited coverage insurance plan is a good option if you are young, budgeting, in good health, or taking a low-risk trip. While you will spend less on a limited coverage plan, it does have its disadvantages, especially if you find yourself suffering from a major medical emergency while on vacation.

Reasons Why Limited Coverage Plans Are Cheaper

  • Provides only basic coverage and has limited or restricted benefits. Benefits may not be adequate in case of a major medical problem.
  • Insurance company takes limited risk and leaves more risk on you.
  • Less choice of maximum available coverage amount.
  • Less choice of deductible selection.
  • No PPO network.
  • No travel-related coverage.

Recommended Limited Coverage Insurance Plans for US Visitors

If you require only very basic medical coverage while traveling to the United States and are looking for a low cost, lower maximum option, we recommend the following limited coverage plans:

To make the best decision of travel insurance for your needs, see Limited Vs. Comprehensive Coverage Plans or compare plans using VisitorsCoverage.



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