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When shopping for travel medical insurance, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is whether to purchase a limited coverage plan or a comprehensive coverage plan. These are the two main types of visitor medical insurance policies available on the market. These categories are distinguished mostly by the amount of coverage they provide and the amount that you are liable for as the insured.

Comprehensive vs. Limited US Visitors Insurance

Deciding on a comprehensive or limited visitor insurance plan will depend upon the coverage you need, your budget, and the benefits you are looking for. Here are the key differences between the two types of coverage.

Limited Coverage Visitors Insurance Policy

A limited coverage visitors insurance policy typically offers fixed benefits, meaning the cost for treatment or services is pre-determined, and is paid per incident. It offers just basic coverage, and is ideal for general services and travelers with low health risks.

Comprehensive Visitors Insurance Policy

A comprehensive visitors insurance policy offers benefits that are percentage-based, and the insured pays a co-payment as well as a deductible. These plans are typically PPO as well, giving you more options to choose from when it comes to hospitals or doctors. These plans are best suited for older or higher risk travelers or those looking for more coverage/benefits.

Which Visitors Insurance Plan is Right For You?

Comprehensive coverage plans are the most popular choice among visitors to the US, as well as the most recommended by VisitorsCoverage. This is because comprehensive coverage plans provide a greater amount of coverage and leave the insured with less liability. These plans are generally more expensive because of the high potential benefit payout. A limited coverage plan on the other hand, such as INF Standard, provides a fixed amount per category. Though limited coverage plans may cost less, they certainly would not provide adequate coverage if anything serious occurred during your stay in the US.

A comprehensive coverage plan is highly recommended for parents visiting the USA or Canada since the cost for healthcare can be quite high. A comprehensive coverage plan can provide peace of mind should the insured face any serious medical illnesses or accidents during their stay abroad.

Below is a table demonstrating the major differences between comprehensive coverage plans and limited coverage plans.

A. Comprehensive Coverage B. Scheduled Benefits/Limited Coverage Plan

– Enhanced and better benefits when compared with limited coverage plans
– Best suitable for high risks or big expenses

– Provide basic coverage
– Good for general or basic service and to cover lower risks
Benefit and Liability

– Most comprehensive coverage plans work like PPO plans where insured liability is deductible and co-insurance
– Lower out-of-pocket expenses for insured
– Better coverage, more protection
– Most things are covered on a percentage-based basis up to policy maximum, there is no pre-defined limit per service

– Basic coverage, where insurance pays only a pre-defined, fixed dollar amount for each medical service
– Any left over expenses are your responsibility
– May have higher out-of-pocket expenses
– May not provide adequate coverage should you experience a serious medical illness/accident

PPO Network– Most of them are PPO type plans and have a PPO network. This means greater acceptance rate inside the network
– Discounted rates may be offered
– No PPO network
Can you visit any Doctor or Hospital?– Yes, you may visit any doctor, but it is advisable that you visit a facility within the Provider Network if PPO network is available– You may visit any doctor/facility that you want, but the insurance will pay the pre-defined amount no matter what the physician charges
Travel Related coverage– Yes. Most of them have travel related coverage bundled, and provide you with coverage for trip cancellations, baggage loss, terrorism etc.– No travel-related coverage
Rates/Cost– Higher premium– Low premium (low cost)

While making your decision on which plan is best suitable for your traveler, it is important that you review the policy documents in detail to ensure that you have a strong understanding of the covered benefits and policy exclusions before making a purchase.

The following are popular travel medical insurance plans for visitors to the U.S in each category:

Comprehensive Coverage PlansLimited/Fixed Coverage Plans

Let Us Help You Find the Right Visitors Insurance Plan

Compare, Quote and Purchase Visitors Insurance

When deciding on a visitors insurance plan, it is important to weigh your options and think about what type of coverage you need. Consider your age, health conditions, and the length of your travel. This will help you decide whether a comprehensive insurance plan or a limited insurance plan is right for you.



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